April 19, 2021

How Much is Travel Nurse Salary Across America?

This question comes up more often today than ever with more people are interested in this career. How much is travel nurse salary in general? US offer pretty wide career potential in this and the salary is actually not bad at all. Depending on the state and many other factors, the salary of travel nurse across America can be a little different comparing to one another.

How Much is Travel Nurse Salary per Hour?

If you Google it, you will find so many answers easily. However, most of those resources are actually a party who needs resources, in this case travel nurses, to offer to the third party. It is fine actually but their data seem a little bit biased especially due to the fact they need people to sign with them.travel-nurse-salary-across-america

Travel nursing is divided into two categories including the Specialty Bill and the Standard Bill. The Specialty Bill makes around $35 per hour. This number is still raw, in which other affecting factors like certification, license, travel, tax home, low wages cost, medical benefits, and lack of paid vacation or lack of paid sick. Meanwhile, the Standard Bill makes around 2% to 10% lower salary per hour comparing to the Specialty Bill. It means the number should be around $31.50 to $34.30 per hour.

As mentioned before, the number amounts for travel nurse salary isn’t the same number you earn for life support. You need to cut them here and there for the affecting factors.

How Much Travel Nurse Across America Make per Year?

To answer this question, we will need a little calculation. If a travel nurse across America makes $35 per hour a day, and he has 36 working hours per week with 46 working weeks within a year, he earns around $57,960 gross each year.

This number will be later divided into two categories, untaxed number and taxed number. If the travel nurse works for an agency that offers reimburse for incidentals and meals, this number will be considered untaxed. Commonly, such agency gives $6.94 per hour for the reimbursement, which is equal to $250 per working week. If we calculate it, the travel nurse will get $11,493 from here.

It means the taxable amount will be $57,960 minus $11,493. The result is $46,467. This final number still needs to be used to pay tax and other affecting factors mentioned above. Each factor can coast differently across states. However, it is safe to say that a travel nurse make around the numbers above in US. Better skill usually means better salary as well. Several nurses earn less than the number above, while several others can actually make more.

Considering a career as a travel nurse is probably wise. It allows you to have decent job with pretty good salary in a field that develops fast today. As long as you can catch up with the needed skill, you have a bargain point. So, how much is travel nurse salary per hour? The numbers above should tell you the best. Don’t fall for advertisement when you look for an employment. Travel nurse across America can’t make as much as advertised by the agency just yet.


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