September 23, 2021
seafood restaurants in Charleston SC

Recommended Seafood Restaurants in Charleston SC

Seafood never betrays you. Almost every town has its own restaurants and local mixture on the spices including in Charleston SC. If you visit this city, it is highly recommended to try on several of the best seafood restaurants in Charleston SC. These restaurants are claimed for its fresh dish and tasty menus to try. Check out the following recommendations.

Enjoying Seafood Restaurants in Charleston SC

Even though this city is crowded with options for seafood, only few seafood restaurants in Charleston SC are considered the best due to the best taste and service. Check out these three restaurants for reference.

167 Raw

seafood restaurants in Charleston SC
seafood restaurants in Charleston SC

This restaurant is located on 289 E Bay St Charleston SC. Although the parking area is very small, you are still able to enjoy the fantastic foods here in 167raw.

After ordering, we will be offered drink while waiting for the dist to be delivered. The entire menu is perfect. It is totally delicious. 167 Raw is closed on Sunday, while on Monday to Saturday, we will play at 11 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. This restaurant is highly recommended both for the food and the excellent service by the staff.

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

Hank’s seafood restaurant is very popular for its incredible taste of the food and very professional staffs. It offers many seafood menus which are very delicious. Not only the seafood menu, the cocktails and the attractive bartender are too great to miss. It is a good place to spend dinner because it is also completed with live entertainment such as DJ. Among the seafood menu in Hank’s seafood restaurant, the best are shrimp and swordfish, and grits as the taste is very amazing.

Pearl Oyster Bar

It is located at 153 E Bay St Charleston, SC and it serves oyster as the main menu, just like the name of the restaurants. There are also another tasty such as mushy peas, fried fish and chips, curry and tarter sauces, and gravy and its best fish and chips. The fish and chips successfully captivate people’s hearts because of the portion and the taste. The staff service is flawless for being fast, neat, and responsive towards customers. Customers never need to wait too long for the dish. They serve in fast, preventing you from drooling too long. Unfortunately, this place is pretty small and the seats are limited. It explains why you can’t reserve for a seat as well. Visit it during lunch and experience the local taste.

Enjoying seafood does not mean that you should visit a place near beach because there are many places that offers the best seafood in some seafood restaurants in Charleston Fx. Moreover, having lunch or dinner with seafood is such a pleasure.

Those restaurants are the best place to taste local seafood. Their original recipe and the freshness are too delightful for you to miss it. If you happen to visit the city, add these seafood restaurants in Charleston SC into your list.


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