January 28, 2021

Travel Nurse Housing: 3 Things You’ll Want to Know

Working as a travel nurse has its own perks and let-downs. Since you are required to travel form one place to another within some period of time, finding the right travel nurse housing could be quite overwhelming especially if this is you’re first time of doing so.

There are basically two kinds of housing you can choose from, one that’s arranged by your agency and the other one is the house you arrange by and for yourself.

Travel Nurse Housing: What to Look When You’re Searching for One

  • Availability

If your agent arrange your house for you, the benefit is that it’ll save you lots of headache of having to find one yourself. Though you’ll have very little say on how the house should fit to your liking, getting the housing ready as you arrive means one huge thing crossed on your to-do list.



If you’re a seasoned player on travel nursing, and you kinda know what you’re doing, then by all means; chose to find the housing by yourself with the budget assigned to you. This way, you get to find the house that is perfect to how you like it, and probably save some of your housing money if you want to. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some the best deal where you get to choose the housing that comes with all the necessity so all you need to bring is just a pack of your clothes.

  • Prices

The second aspect in choosing the travel nurse housing is the prices itself. Of course if your agent arranges your house for you, you won’t have much to worry about. But if you choose to arrange the housing by yourself, you will have to decide if you want to max up on your budget or sacrifice a bit of your preferences on your housing, and manage to save a little something on the side.

  • Freedom

In terms of freedom, if your house is arranged by your agency, you’re pretty much bound by the rules established before you arrive. Like we said, you’ll have very little say on how things are arranged during your stay.

If you choose the second option, you have all the freedom you want to chose what suits your preferences best, and still comes out with a little saving afterwards. Based on the budget, you can choose if you need a spacious or comfy room, or if you wanna live next to the beach or near the city. It’s all yours to decide!

So to sum things up, if you’re first timers, we advise you to let the agency takes care of things for you until you really know how to figure things out by yourself. But if you’ve got experience in your hand, then let your freedom rules and find the perfect travel nurse housing to come home to during your adventure this time.


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