April 19, 2021

Travel Quest Reviews: What to Expect When You’re Starting Out

Travel Quest is a home based travel agency that offers you with some guidance in starting your own travel agency. This travel agency is a part of Travel Leaders Franchise Group that is the biggest travel agency in America. Moreover, they have more than 750 agents around United States and now they are planning to expand their business.

Travel Quest Reviews: What to Expect When You’re Starting Out

As you start out, you’ll be provided with some programs, such as training, marketing, technology, top selling agents, and commission plans and pricing.

For the training part, you need to go to their Training Quest Coaching website and choose your own topics. To access this website, you need to register to become e a member first or you can sign in using the guess mode by entering your email. In their website, you can choose your own coaching session and you can also choose your own team member to have the coaching session with you. Besides online training, they also offer you with some events and shows that you can attend.


Then, for the marketing, you’ll have co-branded direct mail and email pieces, social media site, website program, agent profile lead program, and exclusive amenity programs with special offers. This marketing program is related to the technology program, and they are important to help your won home-based travel agency grows.

Next is for the top selling agents program. If you are already a member, and you earn certain amount of annual gross, you will gain some benefits of it. For those who reach $500k, you will be included in their gold agent program, while for those who have reached $1M, you will be included in their platinum agent program. The benefit of these programs is that both gold and platinum program member have a chance to travel with the owner.

Lastly for the commission plans and pricing, you are offered with four Travel Quest plans. The plans are TQ70, TQ80, TQ90, and TQ100. They give you commission based on the name, take for example TQ70 that gives you 70% commission and so on. the difference of those plans are the experience of the agents itself, for example TQ70 is for new agents, and the highest level will be TQ100 for the agents that have grown and have their steady client base.

Affiliating with Travel Quest is very beneficial for those who want to start their own home-based travel agency. They give you some services, advices and guidance to help your agency grows. Moreover, they are also giving you some benefits if you have become a member.


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