May 10, 2021

10 Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist You Must Know

Pre-trip inspection checklist is related to the travelers who decide to travel using trucks. This pre-trip inspection is very important to check the condition of the truck. As a traveler, the condition of the truck should be checked regularly before departing.

Pre-trip Inspection Checklist You Must Know This Year


The first in the list is checking with the engine off, check if there is a fluid leaks. This checking includes the oil, gasoline, or the water from the air conditioner.


Now, next in your pre-trip inspection checklist is to try to turn the engine on. Check whether there is a problem or not. Try to listen to sound of the machine carefully. This step requires you to keep your truck idle with the engine on to check the engine itself.


After there are no problems with the fluids and the engine, try to turn the windshield on. It is important to check the windshield to have a clear sight whether in the rain or in the fog.


Steering wheel

The next important thing to check is the steering wheel. Try to move the steering wheel with the machine on and off.


Then, also check the tires. Check whether there are holes or missing bolt.


Checking the suspension is also important. It is important when you are in the uneven road, this suspension will reduce the uncomfortable effect.


With the machine on, check the brake. It is done with riding your truck for few feet, and then pressing the brake. Make sure there are no problems with the brake since it will be dangerous.


Then, turn the light on, check if there are problems. This light is very important especially at night to give the signal to other vehicles.

Safety belt

The last thing to check is the safety belt. Make sure it is on the good conditions, meaning that it is not torn, it is still elastic, and make sure that the lock is still working.

Double check

If the steps are completed, then double check the condition of the truck again. This time, make sure you do not miss a single thing and calculate your trip riding it; you will have the problems with the truck or not.

Pre-trip inspection checklist is very important to avoid risks in your trip. It is also useful to check the condition of the vehicle to know whether it needs to be taken care in the workshop or not. Moreover, this checking is also useful to extend the age of the truck itself.


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