June 17, 2021

2 Best Destinations for Travel Nursing Jobs in Hawaii

The demand of travel nursing jobs in Hawaii is increasing. This demand is a result of many declining employment. Moreover, the nurses are retiring during winter and hospitals need to immediately fill the gaps by finding travel nurses to aid more patients. Besides taking the job, the travel nurse can also explore Hawaii since they have many favorite destinations.

2 Best Destinations for Travel Nursing Jobs in Hawaii

The high demand of travel nursing jobs in Hawaii has grown significantly since more and more hospitals advertise the job vacancy on the internet. The example is the need for operating room nurse, med or surgeon, home health, dialysis and many more. As travel nurses, you can try to apply for the job and experience Hawaii at the same time.

In Hawaii, several areas offer the job vacancy for travel nurses itself. The first area is Honolulu. They need two travel nurses specialty in Peds ER RN, and PICU RN. Both advertisements required the nurses to have the registered nurse license. If you have met the requirements, you need to immediately register since there will be a lot of competitors.


Taking a job in Honolulu can be beneficial for the travel nurses since Honolulu is a very famous destination in Hawaii. Besides doing the job, the travel nurses can enjoy their trip in this iconic city. The famous tourism destinations for the travel nurses to visit are diamond head for hiking, pearl harbor, USS Arizona memorial, Hanauma bay for snorkeling, scuba diving and hiking, Ala Moana Center, ‘lolani palace, sea life park Hawaii, and many more.

The second area in Hawaii that offers a job for the travel nurses is Wailuku. They need some PCU RN, OR RN, and medical or surgeon travel nurse. Similar with previous job vacancy in Honolulu, those job vacancies required the travel nurses to have registered nurse license.

Wailuku itself is one of the favorite destinations in Hawaii. That is why taking a job in Wailuku can be very interesting since they have several travel destinations, such as Iao valley for hiking and recreation, Bailey House Museum, Maui Nui Botanical garden, Kepaniwai park, Keopuolani regional park, Kaahamanu church, Wells park, and many more.

For those travel nurses who apply should do their travel nursing jobs in Hawaii. Besides doing their job, they can explore Hawaii and enjoy their own vacations. The important thing is that the travel nurses should be very considerate in spending their money and arranging their schedule.


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