June 17, 2021

3 Best Travel Physical Therapy Agencies Reviews

Working in travel physical therapy agencies will help you in finding the job and also the agency sometimes offers you with some beneficence throughout the job.

3 Best Travel Physical Therapy Agencies

Cariant Health Partners

Cariant health partners help you find your job in travel physical therapy with more than 11 years of experience. They have professional agents who are ready to assist you before, throughout, and after the job itself. The highlighted point is that they only handle some travelers at a time since they want to focus on the development of the therapist itself. However, you do not need to worry since they assure you that you will be prioritized and you will get the support you need.

Another perks in joining this agency is that you will get some benefits such as, medical coverage and insurance for you and your family, vacations days, dental coverage, and many more. Specially, for those who have just graduated from therapy school, they will offer you with $1,000 grad bonus.


Centra Healthcare

The second travel physical therapy agency is Centra Healthcare. They offer you some benefits if you are joining with them. The first benefit is that they will work on your weekly pay by earning tax free income. Then, you will be given medical compensation, and housing accommodations.

If you do not want to become travel physical therapist, you can choose the options they gave, namely serving in local area and serving in permanent area. Moreover, they also provide you with jobs choices in nationwide area, so that you can choose them based on the location you desire.

Delta Healthcare Providers

The last travel physical therapy agent is Delta Healthcare Providers. They will help you finding the job and also they will arrange your permanent job status if you want. They also offer you with some benefits, such as family medical including dental and vision plan, 401k savings plan, housing accommodations, and weekly deposit.

Moreover, they also offer you with reward day after spending 500 hours work. This reward is very beneficial if you want to decide the place and time of work based on your needs. Besides, after 2000 hours work, you will also gain extra reward day.

Working as a therapist in travel physical therapy agencies will definitely guarantee you to get jobs, and they are also offering you with some benefits. Now, it is your job to decide which agency will be able to help you out based on your needs.


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