July 28, 2021
Travel Ideas for Couples

4 Days Bali Itineraries : Travel Ideas for Couples Traveling Bali on a Budget

Anytime in a year might just be the best time to travel to Bali, don’t you agree? I don’t know about you, but a heaven-like tropical paradise with exotic white sandy beach is what every couple need to recharge their souls and relationship. Best news is, best Bali vacation packages like those to any other Asian destinations don’t need to rob you out of your retirement fund. Don’t believe us? Just read on, as we lay it at all for you our 4 days Bali itineraries to sum up some of best travel ideas for couples who travel to Bali on a budget.

4 Days Bali Itineraries : Travel Ideas for Couples Traveling Bali on a Budget

Before we all get too excited, finding out where to stay during your time in Bali as a part of your Bali itineraries, might be a good place to start. Good news is, there are lots of options for you apart from those five stars hotels that, let’s just admit it, not for everyone.

AirBnB is a reasonable choice if this is your first time, and you have a budget around $50-$100 per night. Most of these home-stays are managed by foreigner with fluent English that may make you feel more comfortable.

4 Days BaliItenarary

But if what you look for is more like local experience, then go ahead and try to look for these travel sites like pegipegi.com and traveloka which’ll prove to provide much better options, especially if you go in super tight budget. Their listing have places (mostly for backpackers) that start as low as $10 per night.

If you know any locals, contact them prior to your visit and make an enquiry on villas in South Bali region that usually offers far cheaper price than hotel rooms (most of them charge IDR 150,000 or USD 15 per night, especially during off season). Don’t worry about quality because they are in par with hotels but without additional luxury services.

Day One: Get Comfortable, You’re in Bali!!

Now that you’re settled and comfortable. Take the time to unleash yourself and let the holiday mood started. Since it’s the first day, it’s best to take it slow first. Walking around the streets may be the best choice for the day for you to grasp the atmosphere, cultural norms and get a sense how things are run around you.

If you look for a nice long beach walk as part of your Bali itinerary, your best bet would be Kuta. The city has it all – starting for those Bali beaches scenery and world renowned sunsets to set your mood right, delicacy shops, to shopping districts for your shopaholic out there. (Yes, we feel you!)

Travel Ideas for Couples
Travel Ideas for Couples

There are many cafes and warungs (local stalls) in most corner of the streets as far as your feet and eyes bring you, that offer budget foods, as well as hands-on local food experience that’ll just add the right amount of richness to your Bali travel experience.

If you’re feeling up for it and want to go to add some attraction sites to your 4 Days Bali itinerary, try Garuda Wisnu Kencana Central Park in South Kuta. They have massive statues, carvings, dramatic cliff view, and even free dance performances throughout the day. End your first day getting sucked into the famous Kuta Beach and its beautiful sunset. Make sure to book a spot for the best sunset view, though. The beach is always crowded near sunset until late evening, so it’s always better to have a spot served for you before hand. Or if you prefer quieter place, Pandawa Beach might be just be the right beach for you both.

Day Two: All about Nature

If you think the first day is too quite-y, then embrace yourself for the second day of our idea of best travel ideas for couples in this 4 days Bali itinerary. Enjoying the warmth of Indonesia’s tropical weather, Bali is surrounded with natural views and attractions that will keep your tensions at bay.

If you have some extra dollars to spare, try booking a morning trek for Mount Batur from Bali Sunrise Tours. It costs at least USD 60 per pax – expensive compared to other spots, but seeing the sunrise on top of the mountain will certainly pay off the journey.

But if tracking up the mountain on 1 a.m. is not much your thing, nor what you may call perfect travel ideas for couples like your good selves, then how about walking on the rice paddy or flower field? There are marigold fields filling the side roads near Mount Kintaman which if you go further into the center parts of the island – there’s a paved path in Campuhan Ridge Walk for a romantic slow walk. Both locations are romantic to walk around and or maybe just to take perfect selfies for you lovebirds!

Day Three: Shopping Frenzy

Now, travelling is not a complete one without shopping, is it? How else will you answer those folks back home who are just long for a small token of your traveling adventure in Bali? So, don’t forget to invest some time on it, and put some sacred place in your wallet just for the day. If you ask us, there are probably some tricks that you can pick up to make your shopping goes smooth as you’d expect them to be:

  • Blend with the locals and visit the markets in Ubud. They sell clothes, paintings, and other souvenirs with cheap prices. Feel free to bargain with the sellers too – bargaining is common in Indonesian markets so don’t be afraid to “try the culture”. Don’t worry though if bargaining is not your cup of tea, most seller won’t set their prices too high so most items should be budget friendly even for tourists.
  • See bigger collections of souvenirs in Krisna. Krisna is basically a gift shop center – they sell local products in fixed prizes that are also budget-friendly. If you are going to buy souvenirs for people back home, this place is the best spot to go since it’s easy to go through options with the cheapest price possible. There are also delicacies sold in spot.
  • Domestic tourists will say; no holiday to Bali is complete without going to Joger. Joger is a clothing line that’s only limited in Bali Island. Their designs are original and unique – so unique that you might not find them anywhere else in Bali. There are several branches so it’s easy to just go to a closest one. Plus, they also sell food items and souvenirs which are mostly exclusive in their shops. So if helping local products is one of those you’ll call nice travel ideas for couples, then go ahead, indulge yourself!

Of course, it’s also possible to go to two or all of them. If you are planning to do so, it’s best to go to the market first in the morning, Krisna around noon, and Joger in the following afternoon.

Day Four: Get Ready to Go Back

It’s the last day in your 4 Days Bali itinerary, so you might want to save your energy and making sure everything is checked for a smooth return trip. If your flight is scheduled for the later part of the day, try this last pitch from us for a perfect travel ideas for couples: sneak out and get a peek of sunrise in Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is built on a beach, so it’s a combo of temple, beach, and sunrise. You are allowed to look inside the temple, although, if you are on your period, please refrain yourself from going in to respect local tradition – there’s strong Balinese belief that periods are impure and will taint the sacred place.

Beside the temple itself, there are pretty beaches, coral reefs, and even beautiful cliff view to go around. There are also delicacy stores and a market nearby for last splurging moments.


  • Go Local

If the budget is especially tight, it’s always best to go local. So pin that in the list of your travel ideas for couples this time. Pick villas, cafes, restaurants, and shops that are managed by domestics. They will be significantly cheaper and give authentic experience. Not bad for just 4 days Bali itineraries when you’re short on budget. Plus, it’s such a waste to go to named resorts and high end places – this island is beautiful on its own. So, make sure to taste their cultures (and they come in low prices too.)

  • Rent a Motorcycle

You can go with rented cars and taxis, but they are really expensive in the island. It’s much cheaper to walk around by foot, bicycle, or a motorcycle. Usually, it only takes USD 5 to rent motorcycle for a day, which means you can easily go around for four days just by USD 20. What a bargain! Besides, what’s more romantic of a travel ideas for couples, than the two of you bathing in sun and the breezy wind, so close to each other and this beautiful paradise around you?

So, that’s about it folks!

What do you think of our 4 Days Bali itinerary? Did you think it’d spur some travel ideas for couples traveling to Bali? There are many other Bali destinations if your travel is planned for a longer period of time. Give us a shout out through our instagram or twitter accounts if you need some ideas traveling Asia either alone or with special some next to you. We would love to hear from you!!


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