September 23, 2021

4 Tips to Choose Travel Trailer Covers

If you like to travel with your RV, you might want to buy the travel trailer covers to protect your RV. Even if your RV stays in garage, covers are still recommended since it will maintain the quality of the RV itself.

4 Tips to Choose Travel Trailer Covers


The first thing to be considered in choosing your covers is the size itself. Since each RV has different sizes and different model, you need to be careful in choosing the correct size. If the size is not displayed, do not hesitate to ask the seller. Besides, you can measure your RV first before buying the cover, so you will not buy the wrong size.


The second important thing to be considered is the material of the cover. There are four types of materials that you can choose for your travel trailer covers; polypropylene, Tyvek, sunbrella, and SFS aqua shed. Each material has its own goodness and badness. The first material is polypropylene; it is the cheapest among other materials, non-scratchy, breathable, lightweight, humidity resistance, and it offers good UV protection.


The second material is Tyvek; it offers you with water resistance, alkali resistance, breathable material, anti-dust, and it also blocks UV rays. The bad side of Tyvek is that its price that quite expensive. Then, the next is sunbrella that offers you with UV protection, humidity and mold resistance, tear resistance, and breathable material. On the other hand, it is the most expensive among other materials and it is quite heavy.

Then, the last material is SFS aqua shed. Its good side is that it is the best water resistance and humidity resistance of other materials, it is also breathable with UV protection and it is a lot cheaper than Tyvek and sunbrella. The bad side is that the UV resistance is not as good as other materials.


The next thing to consider is the type of the covers. Each cover is designed for specific area, climate, and purpose. Therefore you need to buy the type that is suitable for your needs. The types offered are for outdoor, moderate climate, snowy climate, and so on.


The last thing to be considered is the warranty offered by the brand. Each brand offers you with different range of warranty. Take for example the Sunbrella that offers you with 5 years warranty, and so on.

Buying travel trailer covers can help you maintaining the condition of your RV. Start with deciding which material and type that are suitable with your needs.


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