June 17, 2021

5 Benefits to Travel Columbus Using COTA Trip Planner

Cota Trip Planner is one that is provided by Central Ohio Transit System to prove to all travelers their claim  that Columbus, Ohio is a place on earth that is sure worth traveled to is not just a mere tagline. If you plan to travel to Columbus, there are several options available regarding transportation you can use; from car rental to using public transportation like those provided by COTA.

What to Expect When You Travel With COTA Trip Planner

Popular Destinations

Using COTA trip planner is very useful to explore the city since it makes stops in the entertainment, essentials, and shopping places. It also makes stops in neighboring districts that offer some entertainment. The popular destinations include parks, museums, restaurants, some site attractions, and etc.


You need not to worry on getting lost in your way using COTA trip planner, since the bus makes stop in almost every corner of Ohio and you can always go back to your first place.


For Ohio State University students, it is around $9 a month to get BuckID that can be used to ride the bus. For non-students, it will be around $2 for one way trip and $4.50 for a day passes trip.


First time travelling in the new place can be terrifying, but unlike other places, the bus route can be checked using Google Maps. Besides, you can know where and when to stop.


The bus is scheduled to arrive every 10-15 and every 30 minutes depending on the route. The first time to travel in Ohio need not be afraid to miss a bus since the bus arrival is frequent.

The Services

For bus service, there are two main routes offered. The first route runs to Franklin Country and parts of Delaware, Fairfield, Licking and Union Countries. The first route has around $2 to $4.50 for one way and day passes. This route can be checked using Google Maps and you just need to check for the routes there.

Then, the second route runs from Short North Arts District to the Brewery District. This route is free and it is operates every 10-15 minutes. The last transportation offered by COTA is named AirConnect. This route runs through John Glenn Columbus International Airport and downtown Columbus.

In traveling in Ohio, although there are transportation offered, traveling using COTA trip planner should be considered. It very convenient and by using bus, you cannot only know about the destinations, you can also safe more time and money, and you can be at ease at once.


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