September 23, 2021

5 Best Places to Go to Hawaii and Best Time to Travel to Hawaii This Year

There are iconic places in Hawaii that first time visitors need to see. However, there are other hidden gems as well for second and third time visitors. The combination of these best places to go to Hawaii and knowing the best time to travel to Hawaii Island, should create the best moment and experience on your life-escaping trip. Check out the following recommendation if you are ready to book your trip and find out the best time to go to Hawaii, when you plan your next travel adventure around Hawaii, the exotic places not that far from home!

These are The Best Places to Go to Hawaii

You need a combination of both first time and second or third time visitors’ destination to really see the beauty of Hawaii. These best places to go to Hawaii definitely need to be in your list.

Kauai Landscapes

best-places-to-go-to-hawaiiThe entire land, sky, and sea should be enjoyed. Hike the coast and get a kayak on its river. Zodiac tours will lead you to green sea turtles, dolphins or pods, Hawaiian Monk seals, and sea caves. Do the snorkelling and see the aquatic wonders. In addition to it, don’t miss the helicopter tour to see the stunning waterfalls.


Molokoni is a crescent shaped island that hosts Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary and Marine Life Conservation. There are more than 250 species to watch for divers and snorkelers. Book an early morning catamaran tour for the wonders.

Road to Hana

This is very iconic. Experience winding journey with food stands you must try, waterfalls borders, and green ferns. When you reach the destination, you will love the ocean views and green pastures.

Now, When’s The Best Time to travel to Hawaii?

Depending on what you want to do, the exotic destination offers its own best best time to go to Hawaii.

April, May, September, and October is the most weather wise time with a lot bargains on almost all deals in every island. It is when the temperature isn’t too hot or wet either. So when you decide that Hawaii is where you plan to go next, then we can assure you that these months are the best time to go to Hawaii.

November to January is definitely the most crowded yet interesting time if you want to surf or just watch the surfing fever. However, Oahu North shore is still quite and nice in this particular time. If your time will mostly be spent surfing, then November to January is the best time to travel to Hawaii when its not too crowded with the weather still on your side.


Mid-December to Mid-April is considered the high season, not the best time to visit Hawaii, we should say. Accommodation and flights are particularly expensive during the time. However, it is also the perfect timing for all attractions and activities. So if your budget allowed you to, these time around can also be the best time to travel to Hawaii.

November to early May makes the perfect timing for natural wonders. This is the best time to appreciate Hawaii ancient culture and vibes, not to mention major events and festivals to enjoy.

Depending on what you want to do, there are other places can make this list best places to go to Hawaii. But we say, decide among those options we gave you and pick your own best time to go to Hawaii based on what fits your needs and budget, and get on an unforgettable exotic trip to the exotic places of Hawaii!


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