July 28, 2021

5 Most Exotic Places as Travel Destinations for Exotic Travelers Like You!

I love to day dream about exotic places as much as the next guy in the room, mostly when I got fed up with my 9-5 routine and just need a place to travel and escape to. So, if you call yourself exotic travelers, and don’t feel like making your next adventure all about historical, cultural, and world wonders; why not try these 5 exotic places we put together for yours, truly?

Our Guide to 5 Most Exotic Places to Visit This Year

These so-called paradises on earth are in hot demand just about anywhere. The wild force of high tops mountains, the white sandy beaches, the festivity of locals, or the green and deep valley? You tell us!

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Even though this wasn’t the first destination at the coastal area came to mind for earlier exotic travelers way back then, it definitely is now. Zanzibar has some rich historical places to visit to, while offering white sand beaches and hidden rain forests, just the way your inner wild-self would dream about. If you’re looking for a perfect couple retreat far from home, I figure we should tell you that this is the kind of place you’ll love for safari honeymoon and several lazy days at the beach.


Mexico City, Mexico

This is the one of the best destinations that screams exotic places for all travelers alike. Mexico is rich with great culture, added with worldwide cuisine that is just well known for its downright-spicy-burn-your-soul deliciousness. The festivals are too glam to miss, and that include Abierto Mexicano de Diseno to Material Art Fair, many people come every year to come and be a part of.

Majorca, Spain

It was a favorite destination famous among exotic destinations around Europe, and has now become one of most beautiful places and top destinations for most Americans tourists. The coastline is an absolute stunning beauty, with too gorgeous view you’ll be a fool to skip. Waling and hiking are the best activities here, as well as doing nothing at the patio enjoying local food, like the exotic travelers that you are.


Queenstown, New Zealand

The Queenstown City of New Zealand is known among many things for its great mountain facing and mirroring lake. Tourists like to spend a lot of time here for cycling, sky diving, or hiking. Their gourmet restaurants offer the best gamier fare and seafood, with sporting and night life parties still within your driving distance.

Porto, Protugal

Porto, Portugal is no stranger when it comes to exotic destinations, with its magnificent Sao Francisco Church, the old town overlooking the river, and its beautiful scenery with a town set along the coast.

How Should Exotic Travelers Enjoy Their Travel The Most.

Exotic travelers are those who enjoy themselves among the locals, and experience the sanctity and the soul of the place they visit. They live through these exotic places by experiencing local cuisine and festivals, enjoying the natural beauty, and dancing among the strangers that make them feel like home.


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