June 17, 2021

5 Must-Have Steps For A Serious Travel Brochure Project

Establishing the travel brochure project can be very confusing for those who have not made one yet. If you are conducting one, there are several things to be included in your travel brochure. Yes, after a good determination, like all others. You can get frustrated, which will fade slowly as you adjust yourself to the process. I bet you can even have fun while doing so!

Travel Brochure Project: What Was That About?

Brief Summary

The first is thing to be thought through in your travel brochure project is providing the brief summary of your company or the highlighted destinations that your company offer. Make sure you make interesting summary that creates hook to make the travelers interested to read your brochure. Add some real testimonials that support the credibility of your travel agency to build the trust of the people.

Maps or photos

The second important thing is that you need to provide high quality maps or photos of the destinations. If necessary, include the attraction of the destinations or traditional or even signature food of those places. Besides, you can also include city facts to accompany the photos; it is to make the travelers interested. Bear in mind that low quality images are a big NO!



Then, the next thing to be taken seriously is the information itself. Provide detailed information about the places and also do not forget to provide detailed services that you offer, including the transportations and the packages. Besides, you can also add the information of the destinations, such as the well-known places, recreation and outdoor activities, entertainment, and many more to make the travelers interested to visit them.

Contact Information

The important thing to be added in your brochure is your company contact information. It can be in the form of phone number, address, and website. Other than that, you can also attach your company card to the brochure. Therefore, the travelers will find it easy to book the trip with you.


The last important thing to be considered in making the brochure is the layout of the brochure. Make interesting layout, professional and appealing. Do not make a crowded layout or with empty spaces. This kind of layout will make the traveler interested in reading your brochure.

Getting it done for your travel brochure project requires some serious skills. You can always hire a professional in making the brochure or you can make the brochure by yourself if you have the skills. Moreover, the previous aspects will help you in making the brochure.


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