June 17, 2021

5 Travel Clinic DC that are Highly Recommended for Travelers

Before you go abroad, it is good for you to check your health first. In addition, vaccination is important to avoid outbreaks of disease that you can get from countries you are going to, such as meningitis vaccinations, malaria, etc. For those of you who are in the Washington DC area, there are several travel clinic DC that are the most recommended options for your visit. Here is the list.

5 Travel Clinic DC that Highly Recommended for Travelers

The Washington Travel Clinic

The first travel clinic in DC is The Washington Travel Clinic. This clinic is known as an infectious diseases specialist. Their doctors will give some advice, immunizations, and preventive care to travelling individuals based on CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Preventions) recommendations. There are prescriptions that you will get for preventing some diseases, i.e. Malaria, Motion Sickness, Altitude Illness, and Diarrhea.


Farragut Medical & Travel Care

The second travel clinic DC is Farragut Medical & Travel Care. This clinic offers travelers some immunizations and provides specific medical product and advice. All of these are important to your specific intended activities and itinerary.

Traveler’s Medical Service

Then, the next is Traveler’s Medical Service that offers travelers some medical checkups and travel vaccines. In addition, this clinic will help you by giving some information about travelling and preparing your health for all kinds of travel, i.e. adventure, business, leisure, student, and volunteer. Moreover, they will assist you in post-travel illness.

Passport Health

Passport Health is one of the travel clinics that are available throughout the United States. There are some facilities that will travelers get, i.e. travel consultations, travel insurances, travel supplies, and travel vaccines. This clinic ialso has specialties in Malaria and Diarrhea prevention. Moreover, their professional agents will serve travelers with passion.

Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates

Last but not least, we have Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates. This clinic is known as travel medicine services and comprehensive primary care. Patients served include all ages from children to the elderly. They will serve you on the same day as your appointment check for urgent care needs. You can check their website for more information about this clinic.

Those travel clinic DC have different specialties offered. Now is your turn to choose the best option for your travel needs. You can also visit their official website for more information about the facilities or make the appointment. However, it is highly recommended for you to order at least one day before visiting the clinic you prefer to go to.


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