June 17, 2021
Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive

6 Little Tips for When You Do That Los Angeles to Las Vegas Drive

Among so many ways to travel around US is by driving the car yourself. There are good reasons why people like this idea. You get to experience the local on the way, and you get the flexibility to stop anywhere and taste more. Planning to try Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive is totally a great idea.

It will be an awesome experience if you are wise enough on the technical. Check out the following tips for a little help in advance.

Tips on Los Angeles to Las Vegas Drive

Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive takes about 5 hours. It isn’t long but it isn’t short either. You may need to prepare yourself a little bit. Consider the following factors.


Make sure to map your route out in advance. Los Angeles to Las Vegas is about 250 to 320 miles and you will head to the north. You have to be aware that you will find open desert almost on the entire way.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive
Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive


Before deciding to drive, you have to check the traffic average on your route. By doing that, you will know how long it will take for driving to Las Vegas. If the traffic is crowded, you may look for another route that is quicker.

Fill the Tank

A 5 hours driving definitely needs a lot of gas, depending on your car machine condition. It is highly recommended to fill the tank before you start to drive from LA to Las Vegas. Passing the desert, it will be hard to find a gas station. Prevent yourself from gas trouble and fill the tank for safety and precaution.

Don’t Speed

Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas will provide you long, flat, and tedious road that tempts you to speed up. However, do not speed during driving because it exposes you to more dangers. Slower driving will be safer for the car while the patrols are almost anywhere on the road.


As stated before, you will pass an open desert so make sure to prepare extra water for the drive. Moreover, Las Vegas temperature reaches higher than 115 degree on summer. You will need more than enough water for you and the car radiator in case of overheating. Bring a gallon per person and extra gallon for the car.

How to Pass the Time

Because of the long drive, you can do fun activities during your way to Las Vegas. You can turn your car into a mobile showroom by playing a collection of Vegas-themed songs on the road.

It is important to be prepared for the worst on the desert and to be cautious on risks. Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive is going to be long, hot, and boring sometimes. Plan days ahead and never miss preparing any of those aspects above.


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