September 23, 2021
7 Most Romantic Destinations in Thailand for Couple Travelers

7 Most Romantic Destinations in Thailand for Couple Travelers

For you lovebirds who are tying a knot soon, we know preparing for the big day will take a toll on you. Top it up with the burden of looking for romantic destinations to go when it’s just the two of you. I mean. I know, right? So let us help by taking romantic destinations off your mind. Here is a list we compiled for you of 7 most romantic Thailand destinations for couple travelers in love. Yes. Just like you are!

7 Most Romantic Destinations in Thailand for Couple Travelers

#1 Koh Samui

Here is the first romantic paradise of Thailand anyone will tell you! It takes an hour flight from the capital city and you can easily land in Thailand’s very own Gulf.

7 Most Romantic Destinations in Thailand for Couple TravelersThis island offers couple a serene honeymoon that you simply want for that romantic destination for both of you. Enjoy the tropical sunshine, sandy beach shores, and the crystal waters that are ready to pamper your and your partner’s heart and soul.

#2 Koh Lanta

Find a different realm that is not only wonderful but also calm in this island. This island is so blissful, refreshing, and extraordinary. Set your boat there and the island is ready to welcome you with its white sandy beaches, pristine waters, and most importantly, not that crowded beach.

#3 Krabi

Wish more than just a blissful romantic trip in this island. Wish for a super awesome and bloody inspiring nature escapes. This island has everything you may need for a laid-back honeymoon trip. The beaches with the drenched sun, turquoise waters that is so warm, and the perfect sun shining and kissing the beaches are ready to spoil you!

#4 Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a charming and perfect mixture of coastline and city. This romantic destination is one ready to give newly-wed couples their own space for breathing while being able to enjoy various entertainment and activities.

#5 Chiang Mai

Discover a revitalizing trip here. This northern part of Thailand offers couples breathtaking super mountains surrounded by rain forests as well as plantations around. This is absolutely a perfect choice for couples who favor adventure and nature.

#6 Phuket

Here come the most popular romantic destinations for honeymooners! Name us what you want, Phuket has it all! Tropical sunshine, vast coastline, beaches fringed with palm, and the warm turquoise water that is lovable for any couples and beach lovers. This place is also budget friendly!

#7 Koh Kood

Head to the east of Thailand to find this seclusion and beautiful romantic Thailand destinations of Koh Kood! This island is another paradise on earth that offers the best romantic interlude. Wishing for a secluded romantic trip? Book a flight here and indulge your and your partner’s soul in this nature therapy.

Thailand has it all for your couple trips! Those romantic destinations above may take quite a trip from Bangkok, the capital city. But, the extraordinary vibe of those places is worth the journey. Arrange the itinerary, book the flight, and enjoy your romantic trip!


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