July 28, 2021
Why-amari-phuket hotel-is-where-to-stay-in-phuket-beaches

Amari Phuket Hotels IS Your Answer to Where to Stay in Phuket Beaches

Amari Phuket Hotels is one of the reasons why traveling Thailand without at least visiting those Phuket beaches that can offer you a bit of tranquility in otherwise overwhelming real life, is just won’t do. They are the answer to where to stay in Phuket, if what you’re looking for is a somewhere around those Phuket Beaches, a serenade vacation, carried with luxurious and top-notch service.

Why, you asked?

Let us tell you why Amari Phuket Hotels is one of Best Hotels Phuket can offer you, just in case if you wonder where to stay in Phuket and enjoy the most value to your travel budget.

Why Amari Phuket Hotels is The Ultimate Answer to Where to Stay in Phuket Beaches?

The Ocean Front View of the Ever So Beautiful Andaman Sea

There are more than enough nice hotels Phuket beaches can offer you. But look at that beach line with oceanfront view to the heaven-like Andaman Sea. That view comes with the best accommodations and amenities provided by the super friendly staff they got in Amari Phuket.

Why-amari-phuket hotels-is-where-to-stay-in-phuket-beaches

This resort offers everything from ocean view rooms to diving center. It is set on the hill side so it looking down to the beach, giving the guests spectacular views from their windows. It is one of the best accommodations you can get in terms of Hotels Phuket can offer you.

The Sumptuous Rooms and The Great Staffs

The rooms were very lavishly clean, and to die from! We stayed for 4 days in the Ocean Wings, and they served this themed buffet daily that were just excellent. Add that with the staff that was wo eager to be helpful, it really was a great experience. We love the tennis court, and the voyagers available for guests with booking.

The Private Phuket Beaches for Yours Truely!

Yes, if you choose to stay in Amari Phuket Hotel, you will get to relax their private beach that will give you better privacy considering how crowded Phuket beaches are these days. If your budget allow you to, make sure to add the Clubhouse into your travel plan, to enjoy private breakfast with swimming and ocean view. I am telling you, it was worth every penny.

The Magnificent Buffets and Breakfast Spread that Keeps You Pampered

Like we said before, if you add the Clubhouse package into your booking, you get to enjoy private breakfast with swimming pool access accompanied with beautiful ocean view as you enjoy your meal.

If that’s not on the table, this hotel provides daily buffets with a very delicious set of breakfast spread. Most of the cuisine is international taste, with 5-stars chef to satisfy you palates.

Our Final Say on Amari Phuket Hotels, Its Phuket Beaches and The Heaven-like Experience

So that last sentence pretty much says it all. If you want to enjoy Phuket Beaches and wonder where to stay in Phuket where you can be pampered and refuse to go home, then come and try what Amari Phuket Hotel got to offer you.


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