September 23, 2021

Barcelona vs Madrid: Travel Reviews from The Land of Passion

Traveling to The Kingdom of Spain must be more than just comparing between Barcelona vs Madrid, both in travel or football sense, don’t you think? But I can’t help getting into this debate every time it comes up. Having fortunate enough to travel and experienced both the bright sunny breeze of Mediterranean coasts of Barcelona, and the laid-back vibe with the Rebajas and the Tapas culture of beautiful Madrid life; I can actually call these cities home for all totally different reasons.

Barcelona vs Madrid: Different Kinds of Paradise

 Though it will be obvious soon enough that my heart is tilt a little bit to Madrid at the end of this post, it’s only fair to mention that it came up to it for a reason specific to me. It may have been different for anyone else.

See, I went to Madrid for the art, food and daytrips to Salamanca, Toledo, Avila, or Segovia and bear witness to the City’s magnificent architectures. The nightlife in Madrid is one that is famous among travelers alike, and I was not an exception.


Barcelona though, is the place where you can feel passion reeks everywhere in and out around the city. We Madrid is known for its museums and works of art–Museo del Prado is one of those–The City of Barcelona gives you Parc Guell, La Boqueria, and the Mediterranean coast with warm sunny days that ease all your worries away. While it’s true that Madrid has The Plaza Mayor, but dare I say some of us would prefer Las Ramblas’s long walk while enjoying the sun softens the gorgeous building of Barcelona?

The nightlife in Madrid makes walking around the city will never be a bore for you, it’s like New York’s vibe when you go travel the States. If you happen to visit there during June to July every year, you’ll witness the famous “Encierro” festival or also known as Running of the Bull. It’s when the bulls are released in the city’s street and people start running to the opposite direction. Fair warning though, this is not for the weak heart, like the old lady writing this.

When it comes to Barcelona vs Madrid endless debate, I need to remind you that Barcelona offers you much more nature-based tourist attractions than Madrid does. Beaches and its silver coastlines are what make Barcelona exotic. Skip a day and visit Barceloneta and you’ll see why this is the perfect place to just simply laid back and enjoy some of those tanning moment you’ve been craving for. Not the obvious reason why tourists have been flocking into the beautiful white sands of Ocata, Mar Bella, and Bogatell Beach, as far as I can tell you.

How Shopaholic Travelers Fall in This Madrid vs Barcelona Argument

If you’re one of those who travel with wallet full and the privilege to empty her as your heart content, the kind of contentment I wish I knew, then you are in for a treat. Since there is not argument of Madrid vs Barcelone when it comes to you; both are the paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s not Milan, but both Madrid and Barcelona are the heavens on it own rights for all you big spenders there.

In Madrid, you’ll find tons of places to make you feel pretty in both side. Well, okay, let’s start with the outside first. How about designer boutiques? I bet you’ll lose track of time once you’re in Gran Via or Barrio de Salamanca because those districts are sure full of them. Don’t forget to make time to go to El Rastro flea market on Sunday if you’re into some antiques, or some weird cloth that somehow make you look chic in sort of Bohemian way.

As for Barcelona, despite the Fashion Week always held in Madrid, this city is not called the fashion capital of Spain for no reason. See if I’m right by making your way to visit The Born which displays the hottest fashion brands, that fits both the extremes of you fashion dweller.

So, which is it?

I know I have not made this easy for you, have I? I am so sorry for that, I truly am. But if you can make way to squeeze both cities in your budget plan, I promise you this whole debate of Barcelona vs Madrid will feel as ridiculous as they are to me, the moment you lay eyes on both.


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