June 17, 2021

The Perks of Being American Airlines Travel Agents You Never Knew Existed

Traveling is such a hoot these days! With social-media-induced-peer-pressures and low cost airlines playing a big role on it, packing up yourself for a far away exotic adventure is way more feasible these days than it used to be. Not to mention the role played with those agencies like the ones from American Airlines Travel Agents, making traveling less and less privileged to only 1% of the populations.

It’s a blooming business, and everyone is right to want a piece of it, am I right?

But before you start, you should be wise enough to have a clear picture on what you’re getting yourself into. Like if you’re flying solo, and want to attach yourself to one of big players out there without much risk involved, then being American Airlines Travel Agents is one you need to consider thoroughly.


What Being American Airlines Travel Agents Means for Your Business

The big name of American Airlines speaks for itself. The reputation is unmatched and it’s been that way for quite some time now. That means you can be sure about the quality it offers at the back-end of the service. That also means, less customers banging your head for their travel wishes not came true.

Like we said, being American Airlines Travel agents has its own perks.

Let’s start with how you’ll get 100% bulk air, meaning you can purchase flight seats in bulk amount and then re-sell them in mark-ups to your clients on retail. Bulk airline seat purchase definitely gives you some edge as in offering hot travel deals to your clients, reserved only for agents.

Second major deal would be their 24-hour hold for the tickets, reserved only for official American Travel Agents in each county. This gives your clients more time to complete the payment, and for you to close the deal. It may sound not that big a deal, but believe me, this feature will give more comfort to your clients as they feel they’re being handled by big players who know what they’re doing. This will in time bring you more customers, through personal promotion, and it can only mean good for business, can’t it?

Less Capital to Start, Means Less Risk for You

I know joining with the big players sometime come off intimidating, and you may be torn thinking of what the initial deposit will cost you. So, imagine how I glad I am to tell you about their low deposit options for those interested on trying our the system. Soon you will realize, that being American Airlines Travel Agents is not as costly as you would have it figured in your mind. Though it is varied based on the package you wish to get for yourself and the regions where you reside, I can honestly tell you that being one of American Airlines Travel Agents should cost you way less than what others you’ve found along the way.


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