June 17, 2021

Places to Visit in Indonesia: 5 Indonesian Islands to Bring You Paradise

Yes, you have heard Bali before among thousands of beautiful Indonesian islands you can’t miss when you travel the South East part of Asia. Just in case you’re wondering other places to visit in Indonesia that’s worthy of your holiday budget, here is a little story of some beautiful Islands in the archipelago that sure give you a little bit taste of paradise.

Best Places to Visit in Indonesia: The 5 Gorgeous Indonesian Islands You Don’t Wanna Skip!

There are more than enough alternatives to Bali in Indonesia, if you’re looking for other places to visit in Indonesia while you’re there. In fact, many other islands are not less interesting or attractive.best-places-to-visit-in-indonesia


Bangka and Belitung Islands

These islands lie on the western part of Indonesia at the east coast of Sumatra. You should visit Parai Tenggara Beach in Bangka Island, enjoying tropical beach with crystal clear water. It is a bit under developed in the case of the tourism, but it is what makes it very native.


Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands)

If you like a getaway that isn’t far from the big city, this is your destination. There are around 128 different islands with all kinds of accommodation you can imagine. Welcome to tropical vacation near to modern life. If Jakarta is on your traveling map, go see for yourself why this is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

Karimun Jawa Island

There are around 27 islands in this area alone. Each of them offers you private beach, nonstop snorkeling time, and quite vacation after a stressing week. Get tan and enjoy the local food.

Other Top Indonesian Islands You Can Never Miss

While those islands above are great and awesome, there are several more that can actually blow your mind. Check out these islands below.

Bunaken Island

Worldwide known as a place with highest biodiversity, this island offers an access to tropical paradise here with nothing but natural beauty for you to see. Dive into the ocean and you will see the ocean life like you’ve never seen before. It can be very crowded with divers and under the ocean photographers when the weather agrees.

Wakatobi Islands

Not far from Bunaken Island, Wakatobi offers 4 islands to explore and enjoy. From sunbathing to snorkeling is your every day pleasure. Its marine life is breath taking while the weather is simply exotic. These islands offer local food, native life, and modern accommodation to please the tourists.

Being a tropical country, the best places to visit Indonesia are its islands. Offering different beauty and natural attraction, each of the islands is a perfect getaway heaven for you. If you visit Bali too often already, those Indonesian Islands are waiting for you to visit and explore. Taste another side of Indonesia from there.


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