July 28, 2021
5 Best Places to Travel to South Korea-Travel Guide for Couple Traveler

Couple Traveler’s Guide to South Korea: 5 Most Romantic Places You Can’t Miss

Are you couple traveler, looking for next destination that will rejuvenate both your relationship and your soul? If the answer is yes, then let us present you the beautiful South Korea. Or as you may call it, the Paris of Asia!

South Korea is as you know, way more than just K-Pop. That said, popularity of K-Pop does lend its hand on South Korea’s robust tourism development. This past decade, the Country has become one of the most popular destinations in Asia to visit. Famous for its romantic landscape perfected for couple celebrating their love together, South Korea seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to the perfect trip for couple travelers alike.

5 Best Places to Travel to South Korea: Travel Guide for Couple Traveler

There are too many destinations in South Korea for you to cover in one short honeymoon visit. But for couple traveler visiting the country for the first time, why not start with these 5 beautiful destinations we’re confident will help you plan your next romantic couple retreat?

Namsan Seoul Tower

Namsan Seoul Tower is the most popular couple traveler destination since it offers many romantic spots and attractions. It is mostly used as shooting place for Korean drama or Korean variety show, that it has become the famous romantic landmark mostly for foreigners visiting for the first time.

namsan seoul tower
namsan seoul tower

You can take the cable car and lock the love between the two of you in heartfelt promise made at the roof terrace. The cable car is usually most preferable choice to reach the Namsan Seoul Tower. It is a perfect way to enjoy the nightly view of South Korea, and a nice reminder of those romantic drama scenes we all know too well.

Nami Island

Nami Island becomes one of the most favorite spot for couple travelers visiting South Korea, mostly those like me who were enchanted by the ever so popular drama called Winter Sonata. Winter Sonata successfully showed the beauty and romantic ambience of Nami Island, that it has now become one of most popular destinations of South Korea.

5 Best Places to Travel to South Korea-Travel Guide for Couple Traveler
5 Best Places to Travel to South Korea-Travel Guide for Couple Traveler

Embrace the beauty of the redwood tree as you walk among the beautiful landscapes of the island. Have a taste of the popular pan-fried cake served in Nami Island that’ll taste even better during winter season, with hot green tea, in the arm of your loved one. Am I right?

Take a shot at riding bicycle around the island with your partner, to this little place called Petite French which as the name suggests, is a miniature of French. It is one can’t miss spot when you visit

Han River

Han River is that perfect romantic spot to bring your date to. It is very romantic even just walking along the river, or you both can ride a bike together along the riverside.

Han River View at Night
Han River View at Night

If you want to enjoy something more luxurious, you can choose the Han River ferry cruise to indulge yourself on the complete view of the river. During the daylight, the ferry is ready every 30 minutes and stops at 7.30 every night.

Everland Amusement Park

Everland is the largest amusement park in South Korea, and offers various rides with different themes you can choose from.

You can spend a whole day here, enjoying the various attractions without worrying much on your traveling budget. March on the parade and enjoy the light show just like one in Disneyland. Have the romantic dinner after a full day fun, with delicious menu that doesn’t leave you feeling robbed.

Seochon Village

If you prefer a less crowded place for you to enjoy with your special someone, Seochon Village is the perfect place you’re looking for. The village consists of small houses with a sense of modernity yet still manages to keep its lifelong sense of past time. In the past, this place was the home of many popular artist and favorite spot for couple to take a walk while holding hands together. Now, you will find restaurants or cafes and museums or galleries in the other alleyway.

When you’re tired of day long exploring, take a seat and have a rest while enjoying various delicious food with your partner in nearest restaurants or cafes that’ll sure satisfy your quest for delicious authentic South Korean cuisines.

So, how is that for traveling ideas for you couple travelers in love out there? I know, be it a mere sight seeing or indulging oneself in the romantic setting of the popular drama scenes while enjoying the cuisines so good and refreshing, South Korea is one you can’t miss to plan your next couple retreat with those you hold close to heart.


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