June 17, 2021

CSA Travel Protection Reviews: The Good and The Bad

CSA Travel Protection has been leading the industry by providing qualified travel insurance and emergency services. Besides providing customized travel insurance for its customers, it also provides travelers with comprehensive administrator services and related products.

CSA Travel Protection Review: The Good and The Bad

In this CSA travel protection review, you can find some information about the travel insurance offered by the company. Its travel insurance plans can be bought by travelers taking domestic and international trips. The company also offers 24-hour emergency assistance services. The services provided are available since the day after you buy the plan until you return home.

Before Your Trip Starts

CSA provides its customers with the trip cancellation coverage. Therefore, you won’t lose your vacation savings in case you need to cancel your vacation for a covered reason. Its concierge services make it possible for you plan activities before you reach your destination.


During the Trip

By providing various services, such as trip interruption, coverage for baggage delay, and emergency assistance and transportation, CSA makes sure that customers can focus on important matters. CSA even assist travelers in dealing with small issues. For example, it takes care medical referral and replacement of medication or eyeglasses.

Returning Home

The company makes sure that the process regarding the claims is as simple as possible. Travelers will be assisted by a dedicated claims representative until the problem is solved. Furthermore, CSA also offers identity theft resolution services.

Some Points to Highlight

The Pros

The limited sets of travel plan that CSA offers make it easy for customers to choose the one that suits their needs. In addition to the benefit we have mentioned, pet return service is also included if you are traveling with a pet. The consult a doctor service is also available.

The Cons

Unfortunately, the services offered by CSA in its travel protection are only available for U.S. residents. Although the small numbers of travel insurance plans make it easy for customers to choose, it will make customers happier if CSA covers wider issues. For example, they can create stand-alone travel medical plans, medical evacuation plans, and travel accident plans.


Our CSA travel protection review concludes that although the company only offer limited numbers of travel insurance plans, the coverage it provides is already adequate. Besides the excellent customer service support, the company’s website is very user-friendly and the plans provide travelers with a lot of benefits.


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