June 17, 2021

Evolution Travel Reviews: The Smart Travel Agent for Stress-Free Trips

Since 2000, Evolution Travel put their mark in the booming travel industry and has been known as the smart Travel Agent to go to. This company works entirely in the cloud, running a network of online travel consultants all around the globe. Though Evolution Travel’s base remains in London, it has two back offices in Miami and Malta.

That said, the company is backed by countless satisfied travelers for their claim to provide the ultimate services which allow their customers to design and customized their holiday trip however they dream it to be.

Why You Also Should Go to Evolution Travel

From the flexibility to the unbeatable service, we can give you so many reasons to at least try and see what Evolution Travel got to offer to make your travel as awesome as you wish it to be.

Helping Customer Personalizing Their Vacation

This travel agency offers maximum flexibility for you to customize your trip to fit your budget and traveling goals. The company prioritizes travelers’ desires and needs in all their services. The services that proves to come with competitive prices without sacrificing comfort during your travel. The people behind this travel agency are trained to work closely with its customers to craft the perfect trip plans together and turn them into realities.

Keeping Things Simple for Travelers

Evolution Travel makes contacting the company and planning the travel very easy. By operating a network of online travel consultants, it makes sure that customers can contact them from their home. You can communicate directly with the travel consultants who will assist you from the beginning of the process until you return home and even beyond. You can either use the company’s website, Skype, phone, email or even befriending the consultants on Facebook.


Trusted and Experienced Travel Consultants

All of the Evolution Travels’ travel consultants are experienced individuals having vast knowledge on the products. You can count on them! The company even has product reference consultants specializing in a specific product and destination that you desire.

Those Who Didn’t Love Evolution Travel

Though most the travelers we met loved their experience with Evolution Trave, there is a customer who complained that she cannot get a quote even if her email address and phone number are not valid. There is another complaint about a rather rude travel consultant. The travel consultant mentioned the wrong price for the package resulting in the customer’s loss. Instead of apologizing, the consultant suggested the customer look for other travel agencies. You might find some small inconveniences at the destinations too, such as the lack of water, weather issue, broken facilities, and unenthusiastic staff. However, the issue will be taken care of as soon as possible.


Evolution Travel ensures customers’ satisfaction by prioritizing travelers’ desires. You might face some disturbances while using its service. However, most of the time the vacation will go smoothly because hundreds of experts will gladly assist you and give you unforgettable holidays.


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