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Gate 1 Travel Italy: Reviews on Our Italy Adventure


If you want to spend a week in Italy, you know you must find the best travel agency which is able to live up to your expectation, while in the same time knows how to keep things from making you lose control of your traveling budget. That said, being one of the leading travel agencies in the world, Gate 1 Travel Italy does offer various packages for travelers who plan to visit Italy, and intends to make the most of their trip.

Those packages range from eight to 23 days. In addition, the travel agency also provides the essential services that its customers need according to which package they purchase.

The Pros of Choosing Gate 1 Travel Italy

Most customers write positive testimonials about the services offered by Gate 1 Travel during their trips in Italy. The hotels used in the packages are wonderful. They are also located in the center of the city within convenient walking distance from other destinations.

The tour leader is friendly, attentive, and responsible. In addition, it uses local guides in each city so they can give clear and correct explanations. The bus that the group uses is also very comfortable. During the tour, the travel agency provides the travelers with earbuds applying the whisper technology. It makes it possible for them to listen to what the guide is saying even if they are lagging behind.


Having Gate 1 Travel Italy book the air will allow travelers to receive transfers in Italy. They will be picked up at the airport and taken to the first hotel. After the tour was over, travelers will be taken by cab to the airport. All transfers are included in the cost.

The Cons of Choosing Gate 1 Travel Italy

We only find a few bad reviews about the services. A customer complained that he becomes bored of the food that the services provide after spending four weeks in Italy because of its limited variation. Another complaint is about the poor quality of the local guides, especially about their English and presentation. The last testimonial states that the company is too busy to properly handle the customer service.


Travelling with Gate 1 Travel in Italy is highly recommended by the customers who have enjoyed the packages. The various services that it provides you with both the comfort and excitement that you expect from a great adventure. However, you might want to reconsider your travel plan if you want to visit the country for several weeks or in busy seasons.

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