June 17, 2021

Hemisphere Travel Reviews: Educational Traveling for The Curious Minds

Specialized in educational travel, this Hemisphere Travel Reviews aim to shed some light on how the tours can give students the opportunity to enjoy the travel and have fun while absorbing the knowledge from the destinations. Like other travel agencies providing customized travel products, the company requires you to name the location and it will work out the details. Yet, its dedication in the education field makes it stand out.

Hemisphere Travel Reviews: How It Started

The family-owned company has decades of experiences in providing personalized tours for students and youth educational travels. As we’ll cover on this Hemisphere Travel reviews, this travel agency has also been recognized throughout the nation for its reputation in transforming students’ outlook through its services. In order to combine travel and education resulting in positive outcomes for students, the company forms a responsive and flexible team which is ready to assist its customers.

The Pros of Hemisphere Travel

Since it has been founded in 1970, the team has served its client excellently. Not only guiding the students in the airport, the team will help them understand the local customs. Besides having no registration fees, program fees or sign up costs, you can easily discuss the budget with the staff.


Hemisphere Travel designs every student tour uniquely. The tour will be adjusted to the students’ types and the chosen destination. The travel agent has created numerous customized educational tours for various types of student, such as middle schools, high schools, bands, choirs, orchestras, performing arts, and boy scouts and girl scouts. It will also make sure that the plan suits your educational curriculum.

In regard to destinations, you can visit Springfield, IL and/or Chicago Music and Theater. Students will obviously be inspired by the various attractions there. If you want to travel abroad, you can choose to go to South America, Europe, Mexico, or Canada. Students will be awakened by eye-opening experiences about tolerance, humility, and cross-cultural understanding.

Hemisphere Travel Reviews: The Naysayers

After browsing various sites to look for some negative testimonials, we only found one. The customer said that they got an unfriendly driver with a quite bad attitude. In addition, the facilities in the bus (the Wi-Fi and sound system) was broken. The group also arrived late to its first destination, affecting other activities.


If you wish to transform your students’ outlooks about the world, Hemisphere Travel can definitely help you. Despite some disturbances that you might during the trip, its top-notch programs’ quality is worth much praise. The company will lift some of the burdens of planning the educational travel from your shoulder!


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