September 23, 2021

This is How to Get Cheap Taj Mahal Tour and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Rooms

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal Tour is always inviting. It’s beautiful structure, with the rich culture and history behind it are simply magical. However, visiting the site can be very expensive for foreigners. You may consider booking the Taj Mahal Palace Tour as part of on-budget package from your local travel agents. Should we remind you, especially during peak tourist season, Taj Mahal Palace Hotels Mumbai are mostly fully booked months before.

How to Get the Taj Mahal Tour around The Palace on Budget

Affordable travel deals are not that hard to find if you know where to look for. Taj Mahal, jdespite being one of the most visited travel destinations in South Asia, can still meet your traveling budget this year this year, when you know what you’re doing. So let us give you a few pointers to make it easier this time, shall we?

Get the Golden Triangle Tour, Customized for Taj Mahal Tour

This is maybe more expensive in the first look, but you can actually get a cheaper tour package if you consider to get the complete package, that includes 4-to-5-stars Taj Mahal Palace Hotels and 5 days Tour.


Find the Right Time. Plan Your Taj Mahal Tour the Right Way.

High season during November to February is the worst timing ever for a Taj Mahal Tour as well as other trips to Mumbai, for those traveling on budget. Don’t get us wrong, the weather is the best during this time, so you get to enjoy the ever so magnificent Taj Mahal without the infamous heat of Mumbai. That said, all rates are far more expensive, especially for the already-5-stars-premium-price of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Not to mention the area is too crowded now with local and international tourists so you may not be able to really enjoy your travel after all.

October, on the other hand, is the end month of Monsoon season, where you can catch Diwalis festival, while not getting as much rain as you would had been during the previous months. Sounds like the right time?

Travel in Groups.

Traveling in groups is always cheaper, since most travel deals from travel agencies will add more discounts with more head counts. Not to mention if you’re into people, what’s more fun than enjoying the festivities with the company of those you love? Doing couple retreat? Group on with other couples, and split as you reach the place. This way you still get the deals, and everyone still gets their much-craved privacy.

How to Get Budget Taj Mahal Palace Hotels in Mumbai

Hotels deals are not easy ones to find, since they often are limited and are not applicable to most travelers. But don’t lose your hope yet. We might have a thing or two tricks up our sleeves.


Have You Got a Friend… in Locals?

If not, find one. What most foreign tourists don’t know is that almost every retail price in India is up for bargain. Hotel rooms are one of them, regardless what it says in their front desk. Unfortunately, this only applies on local tourist, through local language. So, it’d be wise for you to keep a local guide around, and see how magic happens!

Book Prior in Advance

As usual, a good planning ahead is wise. It allows you to book everything early, and by being early, all costs and rates are far more affordable, leaving you with budget friendly accommodation.

Opt-in for The New Kids on The Block, as My Twin Teenagers Say…

Don’t go for the Four Seasons or other reputable hotels from world class brand, when you’re looking to book for a room at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai in reasonable price. They charge for their popularity up to the smallest details like cheeseburgers. Instead, find smaller new hotels around Taj Mahal Palace area that provides affordable hotel rooms that are both comfortable and sleep-inducing, after that exciting Taj Mahal Tour you just had today.


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