September 23, 2021

How to Snatch for Yourself Last Minute Travel Deals from NYC and Chicago

Back then, last minute travel deals from NYC isn’t possible. Booking closer to the day was normally even higher than usual, so last minute travel deals from Chicago even was out of question. Today, there are more low-cost airlines appear, and it is virtually possible for us to snatch last minute deals. If we used to pay ridiculously high fare for a seat in the plane, we can actually get last minute travel deals from Chicago in even cheaper price. Here is how to do it.

Securing Last Minute Travel Deals from NYC

It is a common knowledge for the New Yorkers that the lowest fare for last minute deal is often offered on Fridays and Saturday departure. The offers are actually announced a few days back, usually on Monday to Wednesday. To get the first updates, subscribe to the airlines newsletter or other options of transportations you prefer.

Joining flyer program like One World will be helpful as they are popular for delivering credits miles on time for flight lover. Most interestingly, we can actually save more by collecting points. These points can be used for free charged checked luggage or even seat upgrade. Now that is a low fare.


The key to successful snatch of the last minute travel deals from NYC lies on your flexibility and spontaneous behavior. Several last minute deals are often departed from out of the way airport or station, and you may need to drive an hour earlier. Do it. You will appreciate how you save a lot of money later.

Snatching Last Minute Travel Deals from Chicago 

Applying those steps above is also needed when you plan to depart from Chicago. Cheap last minute travel deals from Chicago sell like hot cakes and you don’t stand a chance to be late for booking. Whenever you find a flight or travel deal that suits you best, book the seat immediately. If you need to, use special app to keep you updated on the availability and to give you access for immediate booking right from your smartphone, securing yourself last minute travel deals from Chicago for your next travel.

In addition to those all, you may also find it easier to book a last minute travel deal when you book it alone. This can be a sad tip, but it’s true. Either you’re grabbing this last minute travel deals from NYC or Chicago, it’s easier to snatch a single deal than two. If you need to go in groups, make sure everyone is making the booking at the same time too. It should save the hustle.

In sum, you need to be observant, spontaneous, and fast to secure if you want to get your hands on those last minute travel deals from NYC or Chicago. There are so many other people who are hunting the same deals at the same time. You have to act fast, whether you’re looking to snatch last minute travel deals from Chicago or NYC or any other city for that matter.


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