ICICI Travel Card and Citibank Government Travel Card Login: Simple Guide

Do you want to go or travel abroad? Before you go, you should read our simple guide to ICICI Travel Card and Citibank government travel card login.

When you go abroad, selecting the bank and the currency carefully is an utmost necessity. For a seamless travel, you need the safest, easiest and trusted bank to handle your financial security while away from the motherland. If you haven not chosen the bank yet, you can choose the ICICI and the Citibank. This simple guide to ICICI Travel Card and Citibank Government Travel Card Login will help better understand the difference in currency rate, handling your account, and the other things that make it easier for you to handle your expenses abroad.

How to Log in from the Your ICICI Travel Card Welcome Kit of

ICICI traveler card built from 1812. The travel bank has been serving and helping the customer with the innovative and the financial solution. It will be the best bank for you bring when you are on traveling

icici-travel-card-citibank-government-travel-card-loginThe first step that you can take is you should insert the user id and the password to change the password you made before. Go to www.icicibank.com for the ICICI travels card login.

After you receive your ICICI travel card login, next step is to go to nearby ICICI ATM and change your pin to make your account safer. That’s it. You’re done! You can now use the card for the payment, booking ticket or anything that you need with the card.

The Citibank Government Travel Card Login Guide

The Citibank government travel card exists and available in the worldwide travel alert with 1.500.000 atm. And if you are the cardholder and something happens to you, you can directly call the customer service center that on for 24 hours.

First thing to set your Citibank Government Travel Card login, is to insert the user id and the password in CitiCard official user dashboard page. Both should have been provided to you prior to your card activation, else you can contact their customer service to get one. When you’re logged in, you will then be able to check all the account log during your travel.

If there is an unpredictable circumstances or condition happens to you, such as the loss of luggage insurance or get an accident you can report to the Citibank. You need to have your identification ready for this enquiry.

When you’re traveling, a peace of mind knowing you’re taken care can go a long way. Which is why it is important to understand basic thing like what we just explained above about ICICI Travel Card and Citibank Government Travel Card Login procedure. Afterall, it is always better to be safe than sorry.