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Kesari Travels Reviews: Comfortable Travel That Keeps Your Wallet Safe


Kesari Travels was founded in 1984 and since then the company has developed itself in the industry to improve its service. The company has served numerous clients and provides them with various travel products. Travelers can choose a travel plan according to the destinations and the types of the group, ranging from seven to 70.

Kesari Travels’ Profile

Kesari Travels has 33 years’ experience in dealing with travel issues. In our last visit to Hawaii, it shows how the tour operator has more than 300 expert tour leaders, and that they work to make sure you get the comfort you wish for. It also provides more than 550 tour options for all age groups, consisting of 115 tour options in India, more than 60 for Europe, more than 80 for South East Asia, and more than 70 in the rest of the world. It even offers 224 types of Unique Specialty Tours for specific types of group, such as students, ladies, and senior citizens. In addition, newlyweds might enjoy tours in exotic destinations.

In various travel review sites, you can find various positive testimonials about Kesari Travels. The customer stated that the Tour Leaders were informative, caring, and entertaining. They are very knowledgeable about the destinations of the tour. The service was excellent and the quality of food was top-notch.


It uses luxurious hotels and provides a lot of entertainment during the trip. In addition, some customers said that the staff was lovable and the sales executives were helpful, making sure that the booking process was smooth. The choices of itinerary were wonderful as well. Most customers recommend the travel agency. They are also willing to use the services again.

The Cons of Using Kesari Travels’ Services

You can also find various complaints on some websites about the company. The first thing that you want to do when booking the trip is asking for refund and cancellation policies. Many customers had some troubles about the matter. They said that the company could not return that money that had been used and the rest of the cash is saved by the company to be used when the customer book another trip for at least three people. Although the customer service is usually good, when it came to this matter, it was not very helpful.

There are some reports about unfriendly staff. A customer complained about a long trip delay which lasted for two months in which there were six times of date change. When this customer finally started the trip, the company had not notified the customer about the hotel.


Kesari Travels has a quite good reputation among its customers. Most of its claims are proven to be true. The vast selections of tour option and the tour leaders are two of its strengths. However, the customers might want to read its policies first, especially about the refund.

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