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How I Found Lightweight Travel Trailers under 3500 lbs for Less Than $4000


The idea of getting myself lightweight travel trailers under 3500 lbs for less than $4000 and still all the parts working fine was borderline impossible. I am actually one of those who insists to get my best vehicle (most of them recently have been lightweight travel trailers), without spending more dime than I what I really have to. But I did it! This is how you too can secure such deal.

How I started Looking for Lightweight Travel Trailers under 3500 lbs Less Than $4000

The perk of hunting for this kind of travel trailer is that there are many new models coming out and people start to sell their trailers to get their hands on the new sparkly toys. It means there are enough options for you as used travel trailers are always cheaper exponentially by the year they came out.

The best place to get a peek on your options is on the traders. Many people prefer to sell their trailers to traders today rather than selling it alone. Check on your local traders before heading to out of town dealers and see if they have alternatives for you. In alternative to trader, you can search for it online through major vendors for online buying and selling, like Craigslist. I actually got myself some of best deals for used travel trailers for sale by owner near me right from Craigslist.

Lately, I stick on the ultra lightweight preference while making sure it fits my allowed budgets. The options will be fewer but this is good. It means you are narrowing down your options to the right one.

Compare Best Deals for Lightweight Travel Trailers under 3500 lbs Among Traders and Bargain

When you find several alternatives for under that 2000 pounds you got in your hand, you can start narrowing down again your options by preferring only ones with 3500 lbs of weight or even lighter. This way, you have all the preferences covered and your options are precised to what you need.

Lightweight-Travel-Trailers-under-3500 lbs

Instead of staying with only one trader or buying and selling site, you should consider comparing the price between traders or sites. When it comes to bargaining with your traders, mention that you get competitive offers from other trader. Don’t forget to mention lower price and see how they react. If it is possible, they will give you lower offer and this is how you snap the best deal.

In sum, I started by finding several Lightweight Travel Trailers under 3500 lbs in $3500-$4000 range. By then, it was safe for me to start narrowing down the options again to travel trailers under 3500 lbs, so I ended up getting the cheapest rate for my lightweight that I just sold to a nice family looking for used travel trailer last week that was well worth their money.

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