June 17, 2021

Marrying A Green Card Holder: Travel Document for Green Card Holder Spouse

Marrying a green card holder means a bit of an update on your travel document and the bureaucracy that comes with it. In the nutshell, travel document for green card holder is not really much different than those of their spouse. While it is tempting to explore US together, there are several travel document for both green card holder and green card holder spouse that need to be with them all the time. These documents will be a little bit different between them when they both travel under US jurisdiction. Learn more below.

marrying-a-green-card-holderMarrying A Green Card Holder: Important Travel Document for Green Card Holder

According to the rules issued by US immigration laws, a green card holder needs to bring his or her green card all the time during the travel. It becomes one of the most important IDs that he should be able to show every time. Other identification document will be needed as well. Commonly, your driver license is already enough.


However, if you’re marrying a green card holder, and are planning to apply to be a green card holder in the future, make sure that your visa is valid until the time of your green card application. Once approved, a spouse of green card holder reserves the same right as his/her spouse under the law. To avoid confusion which often happens when it comes to traveling across states, a green card holder spouse should always bring along their passport with valid visa on it until their green card holder status is granted.

According to the law, passport is not listed as that of travel document for green card holder to travel across states, but it should be an agreeable backup plan when other documents seem not convincing enough. Photo ID isn’t particularly required if they travel using flight. However, other identification documents, if any, should help the verification so they can enter the flight and travel safely without much issue from immigration officers.

Must Have Documents for Green Card Holder Spouse

Like we stated earlier, things get a little tricky if you’re marrying a green card holder  but aren’t a green card holder yourself yet. Basically, the spouse (you) is still considered as tourist. It means you can enter US with specific destination that was set before as per your VISA permits. The documents needed for this travel will be your formal ID from the country you come from, passport, and VISA to enter US. As long as these documents are available to show, you can enter and travel to US States as green card holder’s spouse without much issues.


Things will be different if this travel to US is meant for permanent living. In this case, you as the spouse need to have a special VISA that is earned from US citizen’s sponsorship. In this case, the green card holder can state to the immigration office that you come for marrying a green card holder, and put him/herself as your VISA. When your VISA is approved, you can then continue the process to be the spouse of a green card holder of The United States of America.

Basically, the entire travel document for a green card holder and his/her spouse are not that many nor complicated to understand and remember. If you plan on marrying a green card holder, it is wise to confirm the office of US embassy in your Country of the travel document for green card holder spouse and procedures to procure them once you land. US Immigration is one of the strictest in the world, so always better be safe than sorry.


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