September 23, 2021

Qantas Staff Travel Reviews: Another Reason Why We Love Qantas Airways

Qantas staff travel is a program for the employees of Qantas and Jetstar airways to enjoy traveling using the company plane. This special benefit is given for both the full-timer and the part-timer. Besides, it is not limited for only the staff, but it is also beneficial for the staff families.

Qantas Staff Travel for Staff Families

Qantas staff travel offers the staff with the beneficiaries, one of the benefits is that you can include your spouse or your travel partner, your parents, or even your children to be taken with you in vacation. You just need to pay small amount of fee to book your travel. This small amount of fee will be varied based on the flight and date you choose.

Qantas staff travel also offers you some discounts for up to 50%. This discount is given to your friends or families who are not listed in your travel groups. For the retired employees, you are permitted to use the beneficiaries up to 10 years after the retirement. The new regulation is limited to 10 years since the Qantas airways need to priorities the current employees.


If there is a change of plan, you do not need to be worried. Qantas staff travel offers you with the refund payment. This refund will approximately take up to 8 weeks. On the other hand, if your tickets are expired for more than a year, the refund process will not be made.

If you have acquired your ticket, you will be assigned with the seating number. Qantas staff travel allows you to arrange your seating position with prior notice. Meanwhile for the baggage, you will be assigned into the economy class automatically. If you bring additional baggage for more than 32 kilos, additional fee will be charged to you.

Another benefits of using Qantas staff travel, you will not be restricted by the embargo policies. Other than that, you need to be very mindful about the seasonal flight since the flight will be full at that time. As the staff, you will likely not have a chance to fly at that time.

Working in an airplane company may be tiring, but may be beneficial. Moreover, if you are working as a Qantas staff, Qantas staff travel gives the employees a chance to travel with ease. You can easily travel around the world and also you will give your family the benefits of it.


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