June 17, 2021

Sam’s Club Travel Reviews: Budget Traveling Done Right

Do you want to have a vacation and save money at the same time? Maybe you’re looking for the best deals for cruises, hotels, car rentals, and tour attraction? The good news is, Sam’s club travel is currently teaming up with the Exerpedia.inc to provide an affordable trip with best service there is just for you.

Sam’s Club Travel Reviews: BestDiscounts & Vacation Deals

Sam’s club tours & travel was rumored to be suspended in January 2017, but it is back with new website and more perks. To book your trip, you need to become the member first to have the access to their new website. Sam’s club travel is offering some discounts for its member including cruises, hotels, car rentals, and tour attraction. These discounts are varied from 15% to 50% for each package.

The first discount offered is for cruises. Sam’s club tour and travel is affiliated with 13 cruise companies and they offer up to 15% discounts. For the hotels, Sam’s club travel is also affiliated with more than 90.000 hotels around the world. They give discounts from 15% to 50% depending on the hotels and location.


Sam’s club tours and travel also affiliates with more than 18 car rental companies. For the discount, it will be up to 10%. The last thing is about the tour attraction, whereas the travel agency has more than 6000 attractions from around the world. The discounts are varied up to 25%.

If you have Sam’s club membership, you will be likely to get more discounts or even cashback. It is applied if you use your Visa or Maestrocard. The discounts are varied from 1% up to 5% for almost every purchase. While for annual reward, you will get up to $5000 and it will be directly transferred into your account.

Sam’s club tours and travel also offers you some gift cards in their website. These gift cards contain some discounts for hotels to attraction around the world. The cards can be stored digitally or it can be delivered to your home without you paying the delivery fee. Moreover, buying the gift cards will be useful for your trip later on and you will not be worried to lose it since it can be stored digitally.

Traveling with Sam’s club travel is recommended since you can choose your own facilities. It also allows you to travel around the world and you can also earn cashback in the trip. Get ready to leave your stress behind and start traveling with Sam’s club travel.


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