September 23, 2021

The 5 CDL Pre Trip Inspection Routines to Ensure Your Travel Safety

CDL pre trip inspection is a really vital thing to be done thoroughly especially if your profession is a truck driver. You’ll get through miles of trip as your working routine and you’ll count a lot on the condition of your truck. The inspection has the purpose to make it certain that the truck is road-worthy as it’s not only about the safety of the cargo you haul but also your own.

Before Starting CDL Pre Trip Inspection

Truth is, there are tons of things to cover when we talk about thorough inspection. These can be but not impossible by any means, and we are here to make it easier for you to get commercial driver’s license (CDL) yourself.

That said, we need to remind you not to be so hard on yourself if you don’t make it in first try. Some people have to get it done 5 times to pass. So, chin up!

Now, you’ll learn 5 most necessary inspections which should be enough for your pre-trip although it’s still strongly suggested that you can master the others for better results. Before you can really conduct CDL pre trip inspection though, you must be really certain that you’re ready for it in all areas required. Prepare the necessary tools like gloves, flashlight, and hammer where you can easily reach them.


Be certain that your truck is also conditioned properly for the inspection by setting the parking brakes on and putting your truck’s transmission in its first gear. In case you have automatic transmission, you can put wheel chocks right beneath your truck’s drive tires. Then, switch on the truck’s four-ways, turn on the headlights and brake lights while you’re at it. After that, you can remove the key, get out of the truck, open the hood and start the inspection.

Under Truck’s Hood

Check everything under the hood of the truck and start looking for any possible unusual items which should not be there. This routine can be followed by looking at both sides of the engine to see if there are any abnormalities you can find there. Don’t forget to evaluate the hoses and wiring along with your driver belts, wiring, and radiator.

Front Area

In the front part, you can evaluate your truck’s registration number. Is it still there and attached properly? Check also the airlines, as they will play role in maintaining the temperature of the engine. Body panels should also be checked thoroughly as well as the electrical cord.

Rear Area

Here, you can evaluate many things including exhaust, fuel tanks, battery and chain box. You should also check if there’s any unusual thing there.

Sides of the Truck

See if the steps are working steadily. Are the mirrors fine? See also your truck’s turn signal lights. Are the doors working okay? It’s also a good idea to evaluate the stickers which may be attached on the side parts of your truck.

Coupling Part

Finally, in this part, you can evaluate the quality of the release arm. You will also need to use flashlight to check this part even further so you can evaluate various pins located there.

The 5 things above should be enough as the routine in relation to CDL pre trip inspection. If you don’t have much time, doing those 5 ought to be sufficient.


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