June 17, 2021

The Three Reasons Why You Need Aladdin Travel on Your Next Travel Plan

The holiday bells are chiming in, and you know the end of the year is approaching near. That means only one thing: pack up your suits, and travel the world. You got that part right. But who will tell you where to go this time of year, and what to do to make sure you get all your holiday wishes come true? This is where Aladdin travel comes in, and why you need them on your side, making your traveling done right.


Shall we?

Breathing the sea wind along the coastal of Phuket beaches, or navigating your way through the busy road of Milan, both seem like a good plan. Yes? Well, indeed! It does sound about right this time around. But time is not in your favor, since you got none to spare. The thought of finding some hours to just plan out your traveling itineraries may sound next-to-impossible thing to do, not to mention you’re clueless as to most things that matter when it comes to planning your travel right.

So, what options are left for you? Does this mean you’re going to waste your next holiday staying at home, watching the snow fall? Not that it sounds at all a terrible plan. But here is another idea just for fun, why not put your trust on Aladdin to handle everything for you?

What Can Aladdin Travel Do to Make Your Holiday the One That Lasts Forever?

For one, they really were a life saver for our family’s vacation last time. The one that’s sent from heaven above, I kid you not.

What makes Aladdin Tour and Travel different from the other travel companies, is while the other agencies only offer you the advantage of booking for flight ticket and hotel rooms, the great people in Aladdin Travel will do whatever needs to be done to ensure your travel is as good as you imagine them to be. This way you can really breath at ease knowing you got Aladdin as your partner.

Let me tell you, this company does cover everything! All you need to do is just to state what you have in mind about your vacation. Tell your agent what all your heart desire and that’s it! The rest will be handled by your representative at Aladdin Travel; from booking the flight ticket, looking for hotel rooms, to finding car rental service that suits both your needs and your wallet.

When the due date has come; just breath, zip your luggage and you’re on your way.

The True Money Saver. 

As if being your ultimate travel butler is not enough, those travel deals Aladdin Travel offer you are not ones you can afford to miss. The price they can get is sometime too good to be true. I actually checked with them to make reservation for kayaking for our last travel to Hawaii, but instead I got the ticket knocked down to $200 from roughly $700 what I was quoted last time. I told him I’d like to enjoy some kayaking in Hawaii with my family. Next thing I knew, I saved $600 for those 3 tickets I snatched as soon as I heard the price.

They Make Sure You Get That Ultimate Travel Experience You Deserve

Going with Aladdin Travel means getting ready to be pampered all through your traveling adventure. The staffs are super friendly, professional, and get heads over heels to make sure all your needs are best catered to. Even for such a demanding client like our big family to attend to, all the staffs at Aladdin Travel really came through beyond expectation.


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