July 28, 2021

These Are the Best Time to Visit and Go to Japan Around The Year

With all of its natural attractions, welcoming weather and enriched culture, Japan has become one of the most visited countries among Asian favorite destination all through the year. The best time to visit Japan and to go to all the heavenly retreat the Country offers, can be pin-pointed at almost every month of the year, thanks to Japan’s stable weather through its 4 seasons. Right, who doesn’t love the romantic Winter, or warm Summer and dramatic Fall season in this Country of a thousand landscapes?


That said, the best time to go to Japan still much depends on individual travel preferences, and what you require out of your traveling budget. Each and every season is celebrated here in Japan. Which means, whenever you pick up your phone and book a beautiful Japanese resort for you and your family, the place will have so much to offer you; beautiful landscapes and countless traveling excitement regardless the time you choose to land next time.

When is the Best Time to Visit Japan Based on Seasonal Attractions?

The cultural shows are basically on through who whole year, and the climate isn’t too extreme even during the peak and lowest temperatures, making it an ideal destination anytime you visit it.

best-time-to-go-to-japanHowever, if you wish to enjoy the best time in which modern life, local cultures, and celebration co-exist at its fullest momentum at the same time, you should consider visiting Japan during New Year or Christmas time. The best time to visit the country if that’s what you aim for, would be around December 30th to January 3rd, when the Lunar New Year and Japanese Traditional New Year are celebrated at the same time.

Those parties are legendary, super fun and worth every penny you spent on. These times are one of the two chances the public is allowed to enter its palace grounds, to join the New Year celebration together with the Royal Family. Trust me, you do not want to miss this beautiful palace from the inside. This is also around the best time of the year to visit Japan, if you are one of those who are die hard fans of Japanese culinary, since every house and street throughout the country will be serving the best and most special food reserved only for new year. I know, right?

Best Time to Go to Japan and What to Expect During Each Season.

Japan has four distinct seasons; the sunny and dry Winter season, when the temperature doesn’t go below 0’C, then comes Spring from December to February, when it starts to get warm, and the rain start falling, though not so much so you can still get outside and enjoy the sun. Then Junes bring along Summer, when the farmers start planting their rice as the rain still falls three to four weeks along the season. Autumn comes right after that, with much nicer, cooler temperature and signaled with every opening of any exhibitions you can think of.

So, summing it up…


When you think of the best time to visit Japan, just to enjoy a bit more of Onsen or hot springs, seafood, and snowboarding. Then come here during Winter, through December and January. You will find most rates are far cheaper compared to the rest of the year, while the highlights actually look even better.


Summer is the best time to go to Japan, to enjoy the coastal areas, hike the Alps, and joining the festivals around the country. There is a lot of excitement to experience that makes your traveling budget seems just fair.


During this time, the temperature is very nice and you will enjoy the autumn foliage which is just brilliant on its own right. During late autumn in September to November, you will find the best time to visit Japan to star through the skies, and enjoy a little rainfall coming your way. Can’t get more romantic than this, huh?


Spring is the busiest time of the year. This is the peak tourists season, when everything costs more expensive than ever in the whole year. During late spring in March to May, cherry blossoms are blooming and Hanami festival is one you can’t miss when you visit around this time.

So like we said, it is always the best time to visit Japan no matter when you decide to pack your travel backpack and just, you know, go. Every season is always celebrated here, that makes each of them is the best time to go to Japan, whenever you feel like it.


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