September 23, 2021

Top 3 Bali Beaches You Must Include in Your Bali Vacation Packages

We all know that Bali beaches are one of those that make the most beautiful ones on earth. It offers natural tranquility with each of them offers yet unique atmosphere that enriches your travel experience. So, if the plan is to book one of those Bali vacation packages for your next travel to the many beautiful Indonesian islands, make sure it covers this list we made for you.

3 Most Gorgeous Bali Beaches You Should NOT Miss


Jimbaran Bay

This beach is popular for its food and view. With the fishermen selling what their net catch here every morning, the 3 km stretched sandy beach is filled with restaurants and barbecues offering fresh seafood for your dinner. Not to forget the breathtaking view of the ocean, nothing can beat a dinner like this. It is a perfect place for the sunset or sunrise obsessed as well, and you might want to keep it under consideration for Bali vacation packages you’re planning to book.

Seminyak Beach

This is actually the heart of ocean front action in Bali. Stretched 5 km from the outskirt of Kuta to the Canggu coastal corner, this beach is filled with world class popular beach club, restaurants just a few steps from the waves, and beach bars. From laying on the colorful pillow to learning to surf, all are possible here.

Balangan Beach

This beach is located in South Bali at the Bukit Peninsula. It is extremely popular for the surf crowds. You can enjoy the wave and surf all day while the others can laid back and sunbath under the umbrella. It is far from beach clubs, but cold Bintang beer and local food are available along the beach.

How to Choose Your Bali Vacation Packages

In this case, you should look more than your budget. Choosing Bali Beaches Package is great to experience full beach experience in Bali. However, you can also prefer on packages that actually take you to explore and enjoy the beaches in every area you visit. Make sure it highlight the most popular and recommended activity in the area.

For example, don’t settle on a package unless it allows you to enjoy a sunbathing day in Seminyak Beach. Choose a package that takes you to surf learning or activity in Balangan Beach. If you’re thinking couple retreat, taking a honeymoon package that includes Jimbaran Bay dinner is a perfect choice.

Depending on your personal preference, Bali beaches offer more than enough options of activity and enjoyment. Each beach deserves a dedicated visit and stay. Choose Bali vacation packages that offer you beach experience and enjoyment. Happy booking!


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