July 28, 2021
Top 4 Bangkok Restaurant Near Khao San Road Bangkok

Top 4 Bangkok Restaurant Near Khao San Road Bangkok for You Foodie Travelers Out There

Khao San Road Bangkok is one of the must-visit tourist places that you should not miss wheneer you have a chance to visit Thailand. Famous for its offering of a wide ranged Thailand souvenirs along the Road, this tourist spot also serves plethora of food options that’ll keep even the fussiest foodies out there on happy grin.

Top 4 Bangkok Restaurant Near Khao San Road Bangkok for You Foodie Travelers Out There

  • The food is just too much, that walking around Khao San Road Bangkok can sometimes get first time tourists so bewildered and overwhelmed they end up not knowing what to eat. So why not take the nearest seat and go through these 4 recommended Bangkok restaurants near Khao San Road that promise to keep you and your tummy happy!
Top 4 Bangkok Restaurant Near Khao San Road Bangkok
Top 4 Bangkok Restaurant Near Khao San Road Bangkok

Nai Soey Beef Noodles

It is not easy to find the best beef noodle restaurant, being in a Thailand and all. But if you happen to visit Khao San Road Bangkok, especially on Phra Arthit Road, never miss Nai Soey, a beef noodle restaurant that has been operating for over 40 years, which says a lot about its signature dishes of tender and juicy beef noodle that many will swear by.

Like most food stalls in Khao San Road Bangkok, the price tags wont scare you from tasting the food. For the standard soup with fresh beef (called neua sot), you only need to pay 50 baht. Meanwhile, if you want to have a more sophisticated soup, say, the braised beef tenderloin one, you’ll need to pay around 100 baht. For dining options, there are beverage options available through the night, one of which is o-lieang (Chinese-styled iced coffee), nam buai (plum juice), beer, iced Thai tea, and soft drinks.

A-is Rot Dee

Khao San Road Bangkok is welcoming regardless where you’re from. If for some reasons pork is not your thing, the widely used meat in Thailand, you can visit A-isa Rot Dee, a Bangkok restaurant offering quality Muslim-Thai food, that is both halal and tasty! You can reach this stall by simply walking down a dark alley near the Khao San Road. The restaurant is well known for its rice with turmeric lace, unleavened breads, and ruch curries.

The restaurant’s best dish is Khao Mok (biryani). A rice dish that is seasoned with chicken stock and turmeric, then topped with either chicken thighs or braised beef and tender meat falling off the bone. Other dishes worth trying is non-curry beef noodle soup, fresh rice paper veggie rolls topped with very sweet sauce, and a mild chicken soup. For the beverage, the best drink to order is the chaa manao (lemon tea with ice).

This Bangkok restaurant is mainly visited by the locals and is not equipped with English-speaking staff. However, this restaurant is a great option to have an eat out with only 40-baht and with plenty options of tummy-filling meals.

Sor Roong Roj

If you happen to be around Khao San Road Bangkok, head to the Bangkok’s historic district to find this Hokkien-Chine fare with the touch of Thai restaurant called Sor Roong Roj. Much like the previously mentioned Bangkok restaurants above, this restaurant has been operating for more than 40 years, since first found in 1963.

The Sor Roong Roj Bangkok restaurant is relatively small in size but amazingly wide in the food options. This place offers more than 100 dishes to choose from. Among all the food options, the shop is well known for its khao muu daeng (roast pork with hard-boiled egg, and rice), braised duck, and ba-mii (egg noodles) that is house made. The rice dishes are so tempting you should not miss. Go order a rice dish and the restaurant’s famous braised duck and house-made noodles. The noodles will come with bean sprouts, cilantro, chives, spicy sauce, and a side of sweet.

Most of the dishes will only cost you something around 30 baht, upto 400-baht fot a whole roast duck that the place is famously known for. The price is pretty steep compared to other place, but if you ask me, they also seem fair since you getto enjoy the “aroi aroi mak mak tii sut” !


When you reach Khao San Road Bangkok, go to the eastern end of the road to visit Ethos, a restaurant serving impressive beverage and veggie food. This restaurant is ready to welcome you with a perfect combo of great relaxing vibe and incredible food. The foods are super and the beverage, especially the Kombucha tea, is a must try.

Menu covers both international and Thai vegetarian cuisines. Among them is the must try like the noodle fishes coming with organic tofu and veggies, stir fries, Hearty Thai curries, bread with pita and hummus, salad with tahini dressing, and falafel that is house made.

If you are in the mood of western food, go try spaghetti coming with vegan meatballs, vegie lasagna, and veggie burger. Leave room for some more, and enjoy a stunning vegan chocolate fudge cake or apple crumble with coconut and custard cream. As for the drinks, go ahead and try the extensive selection and variation of teas from earl grey, herbal tea, oolong, and Japanese green tea, all of which can be served either hot or cold.

This restaurant is among Bangkok restaurant that not only serves best food but great ambiance of soft red lanterns and live music that is so uplifting, with its low lying, wood tables, rattan mats, and comfortable cushions for floor. There is also a small shop attached, equipped with a satisfying WIFi connection and long lounge for you to chill.

Visiting Thailand is so much more than taking a small peek of paradise through its world famous white sandy beaches and heaven-like islands. This beautiful country is rich with cultural and culinary tourism options, especially in the area of tourist-centered spots like Khao San Road Bangkok. This small list here is probably among many of great lists to best Bangkok Restaurant, but everyone needs to start somewhere, don’t they?


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