September 23, 2021
Top 5 Best Things to Do in Bali for Your Next Bali Indonesia Trips

Top 5 Best Things to Do in Bali for Your Next Bali Indonesia Trips

Bali seems to be a must visit when you travel to Indonesia. But if this is your first time, knowing what are the best things to do in Bali Indonesia will make your trip more fun in a kinda efficient way. Don’t you think?

So here goes!

Top 5 Best Things to Do in Bali for Your Next Bali Indonesia Trips

#1 Besakih Temple

Kuil Besakih or Besakih Temple is located in the east of Bali. Also known as the Bali’s mother temple, Besakih temple sits on Mount Agung’s slope, or at the lofty 1000 meter to be precise. Why we included this among best things to do in Bali Indonesia?

This is why.

This temple is the largest Balinese temple. The touristic spot features 18 sanctuaries that are separated and that belong to various groups of caste. Those sanctuaries surround the 2 main temples that are dedicated to Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva that will give you full on experience of spiritual trip to Bali.

#2 Tegallalang Rice Terraces

If you’re thinking of best things to do in Bali Indonesia, let’s not forget Ubud. Just in case you missed Tegallalang Rice Terraces in your previous trip to Bali.

This terrace is Ubud’s famous scenic rice fields. Once you arrive in Ubud, simply head to the north of the center of Ubud to find this vantage point with the best paddies views. The terraces can be found along the Tegallalang road.

#3 Ubud Monkey Forest

If you can afford spending more time in Ubud, plan a trip to visit this forest of Ubud monkey as this can very well make its spot in the list of best things to do in Bali Indonesia.

The monkeys that you can find here are the grey monkeys with long tail. The macaque monkeys are also called the Padangteagl’s Sacred Monkey Forest. Not only is the forest a cultural and spiritual place, it is also a site of scientific research. Cool, huh?

#4 Mount Batur and Kintamani

While in Bali, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Regency of Karangasem. The regency is the home of the Caldera Lake and also Mount Batur. This place has a well-known stopover called Penelokan. Penelokan is aptly translated as stopover that is scenic. Mount Batur is a superb mountain that always reshapes its landscape one it erupts, which makes it one the best things to do in Bali Indonesia.

#5 Goa Gajah

The last top thing to see and visit in Bali is Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave. This place is both archaeological and historical. Find this special place in the Bedulu Village’s western edge. Simply take 6 kilometers ride from the center of Ubud. This place features courtyard filled with relic and also views designed by the rock wall.

Although you may have visited Bali for a couple of times, there will always be places that need to be added to the next trip’s itinerary. Among all the fabulous places and best things to do in Bali Indonesia, don’t miss those top 5 places to make most of your visit in Bali!



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