June 17, 2021

Travel Agent Houston – West University Travel Reviews

The most famous travel agent Houston is West University Travel. It has been experience in the traveling agency for more than 80 years. It offers you with a different service from most of the travel agent.

West University Travel Agent Houston

Travel Advisor

The highlighted service given by this travel agent Houston is the travel advisor. You can read the background of each travel advisor in their website and you can decide which travel advisor you will choose to help you with your trip. In each travel advisor background, you will be given some recommended destinations and package from them.

Another highlighted service is that they offer you with a consultation by phone, email, or chat since they believe that planning the trip in the website is not really effective. They prefer to have a communication with you so that both you and the travel advisor can decide what destinations are suitable for you.



West University Travel is affiliated with some hotels, airways, destinations and cruises companies.  For the hotel, they are affiliated with some hotels in the various destinations, such as country, state/province/region, and even cities around the world. They also let to choose the hotel features, vibes, style, and even the type.

For the airways, they are affiliated with the international airways and they also have special price for the business and first class tickets. For the destinations, they are affiliated with many attractions offered around the world.

The last affiliation is with the cruises companies. They are affiliated with 22 ocean and river cruise lands. Moreover, you can choose the cruise line, destination, departure and arrival date, and cruise type. They also offer you with several kinds of promotions of the cruises.


The last feature offered by West University Travel is that they are affiliated with more than 220 destinations around the world. Then, for the destinations, you can choose from South Pacific, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, South America, Central America, North America, and up to Antarctica.

West University travel agent Houston is very suitable in helping you planning your trip. They use personal interaction to determine the suitable trip for you. Moreover, you are also offered with the pre-departure knowledge such as travel insurance, currency converter, visa/passport service, US Department of State Travel Resources, luggage free, flight stats, world time and weather around the world, travel apps, and traveler’s health.



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