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Travel Book Reviews: The Lost Continent Travels in Small-Town America


Even though its writer already wrote several books, the particular titled for our travel book reviews this week: The Lost Continent Travels in Small-Town America is obviously the most controversial in US even for today. The book comes as ordinary kind of travelling journal written by Bill Bryson but it is claimed to be rich with hilarious and sharp joke on the “real” Americans, if not being cynical though.

What The Lost Continent Travels in Small-Town America is All About?

Bill Bryson was originally from Des Moines, Iowa before he moved to England for ten years. Yet, his hometown lured him back after all of those years. He drove back to his hometown where he spends most of his youth and he intended to search Amalgam, a mythical small town nearby.

Apparently, his intention was distracted along the way. Instead of finding the sunny and trim town where his youth film was set, he ended up travelling to all parts of USA, practically anywhere. As he noted on his notebook, he managed to travel to 38 states on his wheels, and experience the real life of America first hand.

The-Lost-Continent-Travels-in-Small-Town-AmericaHis book, The Lost Continent Travels in Small-Town America, revealed how he sees America during the travel. He experienced hamburger outlets and motels which are filled with people who seem to look alike with certain preference to synthetic fabric clothes, and gas stations not to mention all the local cultures and interesting parts of each location. Of course, he genuinely offers his own opinion on this life and his sarcastic joke on it. He finds the entire continent as a lost continent.

Why So Much Controversy Upon The Lost Continent Travels in Small-Town America?

While the book alone is actually hilarious and mind opening in a way, many people can’t agree with Bill Bryson anyway. Many readers claim that the author is merely cynical and not being fair looking at the entire situation. It appears to be personal preference and one sided judgment. Bryson hates many things according to the book including reservations and everything else.

Meanwhile, several other readers find the The Lost Continent Travels in Small-Town America as humorous on its own way, and telling the base truth of everyday life in America. Things are told as it is, not fabricated or modified to please the publisher.

The idea of the book is maybe not an extraordinary one. However, it still offers very high selling point due to its controversial story upon America. People end up with no choice but to buy the book. They will either love it or hate, but never in the middle. Have you read it though?

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