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Travel Nurse Salary Across America and How to Become A Travel Nurse


When you think of travel nurse across America, you may wonder how much is travel nurse salary, before you even begin to learn on how to become a travel nurse yourself.

When this question comes up, we know it’s either you are new on this, or you are a practicing nurse and would like to compare what travel nurse makes in salary and benefits to what you are getting right now. Before you wonder the steps required on how to become a travel nurse and adding that into your CV, it is important to know, that travel nurse across the globe, America included, makes different amount of salary and benefits depending experience and set of skils, just like in any other field.

What is Travel Nurse Salary Across America?

According to so many sources, what a travel nurse makes along with his or her benefits is claimed to accumulate around $2,080 per week with $40 rate per hour and 48 hours of working in a week. So on paper, a travel nurse traveling across America is assumed to make around $99,840 in 48 weeks. In reality, this isn’t quite the right number. The amount of money a travel nurse across America can make is actually affected by so many factors. So before you start making list on how to become a travel nurse, you might wanna make sure you get the facts right.

First, understanding what the nurse personal cost is. Though it is varied widely based on the individual nurse, it mostly includes expenses like tax home, travel, certification and license, medical benefits, low wages cost, and lack of paid sick leave or vacation.

Second, specialties affect the final number of what travel nurse here in America makes for as well. The Standard Bill rate which is applied on travel nurse across America, includes specialties like PEDS, PSYCH, Post Partum, and Medical or Surgical. Meanwhile, the Specialty Bill rate includes OR, ER, CathLab, CVICU, NICU, PICU, L&D, ICU. Depending on the system, telemetry can be categorized as one of both, any of which. The Standard salary is 2% to 10% lower than the Specialty. If the Specialty earns $68 per hour of working, the Standard salary is around $60 to $66 per hour.

According to American Mobile, there are two salaries can be called as the average travel nurse income in terms of salary and benefits. Permanent staff with 36 hours of working per week earns $63.25 per hour. Meanwhile, the traditional travel nurse salary is well around $65 per hour. This is a fair average wage in US.

Travel Nurse Across America: How Much Do They Make?

Let’s make a little calculation to get the exact numbers. Let’s put our first assumption of that travel nurse salary amounts to $35 per hour. It means if he works for 36 hours per week for 46 weeks in a year, he earns $57,960 per year.

However, this isn’t the final number. There will be taxable and non-taxable amount on the number. Several vendors give non-taxable reimburse for meals and incidentals, which is $250 per week in average. It means $6.94 per hour.

With that in mind, we find the taxable amount earned is $28.06 per hour or $46, 467 per year. Meanwhile, the non taxable amount earned is $6.94 per hour or $11,493 per year.

How to Become A Travel Nurse

If your dream of profession includes being able to go around the world, help those who need and still get paid a decent amount, then I’ll say this quest on how to become a travel nurse is the right path to go. Travel nursing will allow you to travel around US to its fullest. Since your agency will likely put you in a city for 2 or 3 months maximum, you get to meet new friends, cultured and getting salary higher than those of local nurse, and not liable for tax on top of that.


So, first step on how to become a travel nurse is by getting yourself a registered nurse (RV) license. Once you got this, you must do and pass NCLEX-RN exam, and then complete your one-year minimum to work at hospital assigned for you based on specialty you chose to practice.

Depending on your specialty, these ACLS, PALS, NIH stroke scale and some other certifications may add up a boost in your resume and might also very well be necessary. Many agencies you apply for, will make TB test, specific and physical immunizations mandatory for you before you are even eligible for your first interview.

Once you’ve cleared all the steps on how to become a travel nurse, you are now eligible for your assignment to be one of those travel nurse across America. Travel nurse salary for beginner might not much of what you expected, but enjoy the road and soon before you know it, you’ll get there

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