September 23, 2021

Travel Reviews: Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort-Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Couple of weeks back me and husband just returned from Jewel Runaway Bay beach & Golf Resort-Runaway Bay, Jamaica for our 9th Anniversary (with the kids!). So, forgive me for this late Travel Reviews edition for the week. It was a second visit for both of us, and the first time for kiddos. But I must say we had an incredible experience during our 4 days stay there. So here goes!

Travel Reviews: Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort-Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The resort was overall well-kept. They had this foliage with gardens and their trees and bushes to give you that relaxing park-like feeling as you’re sitting in the patio. There were enough friendly and helpful staff to attain to our needs, and they were pretty fun and engaging. Never forget to say hello!

The Kids Club was awesome. The staff led by Stacy Ann were very fun and smart. They kept our little ones busy and on move all day. The playground was cheerful yet safe, and they had these tons of activities to keep Ben and Lily engaged. So, that’s a huge relief for us.

Their restaurants offered high-quality food in lots of diversities. The buffets had rotating options, so we never got tired of the food served.  It was mostly with Caribbean style-ish, so if you’re anything like us, I promise they won’t disappoint. If Caribbean dishes isn’t on your palette, the buffet does serve all sort of American foods; burger, steaks, grills, pasta, etc.

As we came in late August, the water was nice and clean. We didn’t find lots of seaweed around the shore, and we could see fish and corals very clearly during snorkeling. We had great time in their Water Slide and Lazy River, so do make sure to try them. Don’t worry about your kids’ safety, as this is not that big of a water park, and there were staffs everywhere making sure everyone stays safe. The Jewel Runaway Bay Beach has 3 pools large enough to accommodate everyone. The water was so clean, since they make sure they run tests trough water throughout the day.


What Could Use a Little Fixing in Jewel Runaway Bay Beach

The rooms we stay in Jewel Runaway Bay beach & Golf Resort-Runaway Bay, Jamaica sort of needed some updating. I am not saying it was bad, since the staff kept our bed clean, the bedding and everything made our sleep comfortable enough. That said, the paint was starting to fall out, some not-so-rustic stain in one of our bedside lamp. Overall the room just felt kinda blend, and need a little glamming-up!

They also could try and fix the Wi-Fi since the reception in our room was horrible. Though they provided quite abundant tv channels and music was a non-stop, not to mention we were pretty busy all-day, so was not a big issue. But still

The Final Score on Jewel Runaway Bay beach & Golf Resort-Runaway Bay, Jamaica.

We really loved our experience during our stay in Jewel Runaway Bay beach & Golf Resort-Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  The rooms are a bit dated, true.  But with awesome food and great choice of restaurants, kids’ entertainment center that kept us both relaxed, and the lovely setting and ambiance; we be sure to come back and visit Jewel Runaway Bay Beach for our next travel to Jamaica.


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