July 28, 2021
7 Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel to India from USA

Travel to India from USA? Learn These 7 Rules for Visiting India

India has been one of the most famous holiday destinations for its exotic foods and beautiful culture. We’re not even sure you can call yourself visiting South Asia yet without you having to travel to India, and laying your feet on this colorful land of Hindustan.

 7 Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel to India from USA

Not unlike most of Asian countries, promising exotic and cultural destinations with lifelong traditions still held true to the core of its people, it is important to prepare yourself to make the most of your time when you travel to India from USA or from most other countries for that matter.

7 Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel to India from USA
7 Do’s and Don’ts When You Travel to India from USA

The Do’s When You Travel to India from USA

Prepare the Travel Documents

Everyone travel to India from USA as US citizens including those on official business purpose need a valid VISA to enter the Country, which needs to be obtained from India embassy or consulate nearby the city you live in.

Enquire all the documents you might need to get the visa to entry, prior to booking your flights. Don’t forget to make copies for security purposes during your stay there.

Make sure to stay current on all your vaccine shots.

For most traveler visiting India for holiday purpose, general vaccines like measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot are considered enough. But if you plan to visit rural areas it is necessary to add typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A/B, yellow fever, malaria and if you plan to spend most time out door and or travel more than a month you may need to add Japanese Encephalitis to the list.

Indian cuisine is worldwide known for its strong and rich ingredients, make sure your tummy is up for it and always bring your medicines with you.

Plan your timing accordingly: best time of to travel to India

India is a country of 4 seasons, during which the temperature might not suitable for your liking. So now that you plan places you want to visit in India, make sure you get your timing right, especially if you travel to India from USA for holiday purposes.

If you travel to South India region, the temperature and humidity starts to increase during late March, followed with monsoon rain from May to October and extended to November to more east-coast area like Tamil Nadu.

Best Time to Travel South India: Tamil Nadu
Best Time to Travel South India: Tamil Nadu

North India generally has its winters from November to February which makes them the best time to plan your holiday to the north region destinations, like Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajashtan and The Himalayas.

Be respectful to the culture.

Many people in India can speak English by their own standard or we can say as Indian English. You will not find any difficulties in communicating with local people. However, if you want to explore less popular destination in India, it is suggested for you to learn common greetings in Hindi to show some respect and get help should you need one.

It is also necessary to not wear anything that shows your leg for women as a sign of respect,a dn to protect yourself from harm during your stay.

Now, What You Don’t Do When You Travel to India from USA.

Eat Using Your Left Hand and Share Drinks

As you maybe know already, or not, Indian people like to eat by using hands. So, you may accustom yourself to this habit. However, you should pay attention to which hand that you should use. In USA, it does not matter whether you use left or right hand, but in India eating with your left hand especially when you feast with the locals, is considered disrespectful.

As in sharing food, it is true that Indian people love to share the food while eating together. It is common to find group of people eat from same plate or as they call it, thali. That said, sharing drinks should be avoided as considered as one of ill-mannered gestures.

Avoid Sensitive Religious and Political Topics

Though India is growing into a more secular country, some topics are best left alone. Especially if you are a foreigner chiming into conversation with locals. Stay away from topics like Kashmir, religious divide or political affiliation, and you’ll be okay.

No Public Display of Affection

India is country of strong cultural norms that you simply can’t dismiss when you travel to India from USA or any other country for that matter. Even if you’re couple traveler having your most well-thought honeymoon trip, avoid displaying your affection in public during your stay here. Some areas even feel very strongly about this, and may cause you some harm for doing so.


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