May 10, 2021

Travel Trailer VS Fifth Wheel: Travel Trailer Reviews

Are you planning to buy your own vehicle this time for your next trip? Are you still confused wheighing your options between Travel Trailer VS Fifth Wheel? Well, let us help you!

Travel Trailer VS Fifth Wheel: Reviews

If we are talking about Travel Trailer VS. Fifth Wheel, first thing to be considered is the kind of towing car you have.

For the travel trailer, the suitable length for the towing car is 28 feet or less, while for the fifth wheel, the length for the towing car is 28 feet or more. Also another thing to consider, fifth wheel is better for towing since it is more stable than the travel trailer.

Next thing you need to consider are what things and how many people will hop on your truck? For fifth wheel, the space will mostly be occupied by the bed, and you must forget taking your bike or even your little canoe along your trip. So, if you want to drive heavy, travel trailer is the best option for you. This applies too if you’re thinking of going in groups, travel trailer is the best option since it has plenty of space compare to the fifth wheeled truck.


Which one fits your budget best? Here comes what most would argue as the important thing to be considered on this argument of Travel Trailer VS Fifth Wheel; what each would cost you.

The travel trailer is pretty affordable and and less expensive than the fifth wheel. For fifth wheel, the prce is a bit steep since you mostly still need to hire some technician to build it for you. This truck is best when you aim for tranquility and comfort during your trip. As we mentioned before, the fifth wheel truck can fit two bathrooms, and a double size bed that’ll certaily worth the dollars you spent of them.

Finally, last thing to be considered is the dimension of each truck. For fifth wheel, it is heavier on unpaved road than the travel trailer. While on the other hand, larger travel trailer tend to sway more than the smaller one.

now talking about height, the fifth wheel is obviously.taller than the travel trailer, making it difficult if you decide to camp on the place that has hanging trees and such. Travel trailer would be your best option for this.

As you can see, this argument of Travel trailer vs fifth wheel, each has its own perks to be considered.

If you want it cheaper and flexible, you need to choose the travel trailer, but if you want bit luxurious upgrade that allows you to have separate rooms, then fifth wheel is jo doubt the best option for your money.


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