June 17, 2021

TravelFacts: 9 Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica and Italy

We know you’ve been dream of the gleaming sands of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, and planning a vacation is always a delight, yes? But not knowing the best time to visit the place will end up a nightmare. There isn’t one exact best time to travel to Costa Rica or best time to travel to Italy, or anywhere else for that matter. Yes, patient! We’re getting there.

This list should help you finding out the best time to travel to Italy, and finally release that beach side of yours! and just in case you add Italy as your next travel point afterward, we include here  some of the best time to travel to Italy in a year.

  • Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is arguably starts from December to April. The country’s sandy shorelines and spectacular rain forests are crowded with beach seekers and wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe.


This is also the time when tourists will be invited to live music, dancing, and bullfights around the country, fiesta vibe to treasure. The country is literally filled with all tourism attractions from the coast to the interior city. If you want to taste the culture as well, this is the moment.

As we can expect, this is also the time when many tourists actually come and stay for longer period. While the crowds usually add the entire excitement, it is recommended to book your vacation way ahead the season. It allows you to get the best accommodations, and to plan the entire trips later in a schedule.

  • Best Time to Travel to Italy

The best time to visit the wine country is from April to June. It is also highly recommended for tourists to visit in mid September to October. There are two periods that are considered the best and it is with good reasons too.


The temperatures are very comfortable, allowing you to almost all possible activities in the country in ultimate delight. The rural colors are actually riches as well during the time, a perfect timing and view for those who look for an escape from a stiffening life in the cities.

The best thing about these two periods is that there aren’t many tourists during the time. It is still possible to get just enough amounts of crowds to add the excitement, but it won’t be too heavy. All rates are fairly cheaper and all places seem more inviting than ever.

It is also safe to assume that based on the best time to travel to Costa Rica, it is possible for you to enjoy the other part of the year in Italy. The best time to travel to Italy doesn’t happen at the same time with Costa Rica’s. Call your agent and book now.


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