June 17, 2021

Understanding Your Chase Travel Notice, and How to Get One

The first thing you need to do when you plan your travel abroad, is to notify your bank that issued your travel and or ATM card. Some make it easier by letting you fill an online form like Chase travel notice provided by Chase. It is a convenient service that allows its customers who are going to have a trip abroad, notifying the Bank that they will travel to another country, so the bank will make it possible for them to enjoy their journey with minimum issue and disturbance. Chase has made the procedure very simple, that you can cross that from your to-do list in no time.

Understanding The Purpose of Your Chase Travel Notice

Chase travel notice prevents any disturbance related to the debit and credit cards that might be experienced by the you, as the bank’s customers. By opting-in this feature, the bank will know that you might make some purchases while travelling abroad. Therefore, they wouldn’t decline your purchase for the sake of protecting your cash.


The Best Time to Start Filling Your Chase Travel Notice.

It would be best to notify Chase as soon as you finish booking your airplane tickets. If you use credit cards, you can fill the travel notification form up to one year before you travel abroad. However, you should notify Chase about your travel plan up to 14 days before the trip if you wish to use your ATM and debit cards abroad.

Two Ways of You Can Get the Notification Form

Depending on which kind of Chase account you have, you will get the travel notification form in different ways. Both of them are similar in that they are very simple for even the most novice user. For those who have a personal account, you can get the form by accessing the customer portal from Chase official website. However, if you have a business account, you will need to use the old website address to fill the travel notification form.

Setting Chase’s International Travel Notification

Chase Personal Account

First, you need to log in into your Chase account. Then, click the person icon on the top right of the screen. Find the Profile & Setting menu appearing on the left side. After you scroll down, click Travel under More Settings. Finally, click Update for Credit Card and fill the form.

Chase Business Account

You will also need to login into your chase account first. Next, click Manage Account under Customer Center. After that, click under Travel Notification Form. Finally, you can fill out the information related to your travel, such as date of departure, return, and destination.

The Best Chase Coupons

Chase offers three kinds of coupons for those who are interested to use Chase International Travel Notifications. All you need to do is just opening a new account and use those coupons to earn cash bonuses for the new account users. Those coupons are Chase Premier Plus CheckingSM, Chase Total Checking®, and Chase Total Checking® + Chase SavingsSM.

Setting up Chase travel notice will ensure your comfort when travelling internationally. You do not need to worry about declined transactions in another country. By filling the travel notification form in less than a minute, you can enjoy the best experiences of having a trip abroad!


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